CNN: Putin loses, and in desperation puts his last hope on winter in Europe

CNN: Putin loses, desperately lays his last hope on winter in Europe< /p>

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin fears that Russians will begin to notice what the government is trying so hard to hide from them. Putin is banking on political clocks and the onset of winter in Europe. However, will it work? CNN writes about this.

Putin wants in every possible way to divert the attention of Russians from the «dazzlingly obvious fact» that he loses on the battlefield and is completely unable to achieve even the slightest goals of his invasion.

The Russian dictator is desperately playing with time, hoping that the political clock and the onset of winter in Europe will exhaust the motivation and energy of the Western states, which almost exhausted his military-industrial machine and destroyed the armed power of Russia.

The publication believes that it is this winter may decide who wins in «the most titanic clash of forces in Europe since World War II».

At the same time, the ability of the West to supply weapons to the Ukrainian military depends on many factors – from the availability of critical and affordable energy sources for next winter to the will of the people in many countries with often conflicting priorities.

It is noted that prices Energy prices in Europe rose sharply after an embargo on Russian imports and a sharp cut in the Kremlin's supply of natural gas. Thus, Putin made the main bet on dispersing European forces and depriving them of the ability to agree on something significant.

And such disagreements still remain. The same Germany continues to be skeptical about any price restrictions. All of these disputes are part of Putin's «most cherished dream».

«Various forces in Europe may be key to success from the Kremlin's point of view, which means the failure of the continent agree on something substantial», — writes the publication.

Germany and France are still arguing over many of these issues. A new government has taken power in Italy – Georgia Maloney on Saturday took the oath of office as Italy's first female prime minister and tried to shed her party's post-fascist aura. Meanwhile, one of her far-right coalition partners expressed deep gratitude to Putin.

At the same time, Poland and Hungary, «long-time far-right confederates, united against EU liberal policies that seemed to have been calculated to reduce their influence», have now diverged in relation to Ukraine.

Similar forces seem to be at work in Washington, where the Republicans have begun to shake things up. In particular, the leader of the Republican Party of the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, who may become the speaker of the House after the elections next month, said that «when people are in a recession, they will not want to support Ukraine unlimitedly as before».< /p>

Meanwhile, on Monday, a powerful 30-member Congressional progressive group called on Biden to start talks with the Russian Federation to end the conflict while Russian forces still hold vast territories of Ukraine under occupation and Russian missiles and drones strike far inland.

However, after a few hours, the leader of the group, Mia Jacob, faced with a storm of criticism, sent an email to reporters with an explanation.

«In short, Putin has every incentive to drag out the conflict as long as possible to give many of these forces in the West a chance to come into action. A long cold winter in Europe, persistent inflation and higher interest rates are driving recessions in both warring countries. At the same time, countries on both sides of the Atlantic may not be up to the financial and military support of Ukraine. And this support with weapons, equipment and training of the Ukrainian military was the basis of their outstanding successes on the battlefield against the Russian army», — journalists are convinced.

At the same time, the West is increasing pressure on Russia. Last Thursday, October 20, the US State Department published a detailed report on the impact of sanctions and export controls on the Russian military-industrial complex.

«Russian production of hypersonic missiles has almost ceased «due to the lack of necessary semiconductors», the report says. Aircraft are being cannibalized for spare parts, anti-aircraft systems factories are shutting down, and «Russia has returned to Soviet-era defense stockpiles». The Soviet day ended more than 30 years ago» , it said.

All these actions point to Russia's rising desperate desire to gain access to the vital components of high-tech weapons production, which has stalled due to Western sanctions and embargoes that have begun to stifle the military -the industrial complex of the Kremlin.

«This pressure from the West may finally bring real results. Putin's declared martial law in Ukrainian territories now only partly controlled by Russia, attacks on civilian targets deep in Ukraine, and a tough new commander in Ukraine, Gen. Sergei Surovikin, nicknamed by his colleagues» General Armageddon» — all this speaks of a growing disillusionment that borders on fear that Russians will begin to notice what has long been blindingly obvious: Putin is losing. This is exactly the moment when it is so important that Ukraine and their Western supporters persevere forward» , — writes CNN.

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