CNN: Ukrainian intelligence report on the “Wagnerites” says they do not look at losses, and therefore are effective

CNN: Ukrainian intelligence report on Wagnerites says they don't look at losses, and therefore effective

At the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, they formed a report on the tactics and effectiveness of Russian mercenaries from the PVK & # 171; Wagner & # 187;, who have extremely strict discipline and do not take into account losses are therefore successes. This is reported by CNN.

The document was formed in December 2022. In it, Ukrainian intelligence notes that the “Wagnerites” pose a serious threat at close range, even in the face of the insane losses they will suffer. Mercenaries have become disposable infantry for Russia, and their deaths have no meaning for Russian society.

“Assault groups do not retreat without a command. Unauthorized departure of the team or without injury is punishable by execution on the spot, ”the GUR document says.

The intercepts of telephone conversations also testify to the merciless attitude on the battlefield. In one of them, you can hear a soldier talking about another, that he tried to surrender to the Ukrainians.

The Wagnerites caught him and cut off his fucking balls, ”says the Russian.

At the same time, wounded “Wagnerians” are often left on the battlefield for several hours. The infantry does not have the right to independently evacuate the wounded, it is obliged to continue the assault. Only if it fails, they can retreat only at night.

Ukrainian intelligence notes that such tactics are the only effective one for the poorly trained mobilized troops that make up the majority of Russian ground forces.

The report states that the “Wagnerites” are using mobile teams of a dozen or less to carry out the assault, using rocket-propelled grenade launchers (RPGs) and drone intelligence, which the report calls “a key element.”

Tens of thousands of convicts recruited often used in the first attack wave, and they suffer the most losses up to 80%. They are followed by more experienced military men with thermal imagers and night vision devices.

If the forces of the PVK «Wagner» manage to get into position, artillery support allows them to dig trenches and consolidate their gains, but these trenches are very vulnerable to attacks in the open. However, according to Ukrainian intercepts, coordination between the Wagnerites and the Russian military is often lacking.

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