CNN: US officials amazed by Ukrainian military innovation

CNN: US officials amazed by Ukrainian military innovation

For During a full-scale war with Russia, Ukraine became a kind of testing ground for the latest military developments. CNN writes about it.

The article says that one of the most important innovations in the current war was the Ukrainian network target designation system for artillery, which made it possible to quickly transmit intelligence from drones to artillerymen and, no less important, easily calculate the coordinates of a target for aiming a specific gun at it. According to U.S. officials, this tool has been very effective in directing Ukrainian artillery fire at Russian targets.

Other significant innovations to help Ukrainian defenders include cheap drones adapted to drop grenades on enemy trenches, 3D printers to produce hard-to-find parts, conversion of conventional pickup trucks into mobile rocket launchers, etc.

«Such Ukrainian ingenuity amazed US officials, who praised Kyiv's ability to find «MacGyver» (MacGyver — American Inventor Series — ed.) Solutions to your battlefield needs that fill important tactical gaps left by larger and more sophisticated Western weaponry», — said in the article.

A CNN source familiar with Western intelligence noted that Ukraine is «absolutely a weapons lab in every sense» because none of this equipment ever was not used in the war between two industrialized countries. In particular, the Americans were convinced of the effectiveness of their HIMARS installations, but also «learned valuable lessons» regarding the frequency of their maintenance. The M777 howitzers also proved to be powerful weapons, but the barrels wore out too quickly.

The Ukrainians also made tactical innovations that amazed Western officials. In particular, during the first weeks of the war, the Ukrainian command adapted its operations to the use of small groups of infantry during the Russian offensive against Kyiv.

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