Collaborator Shtepa, nicknamed “Shnyr”, was blown up in occupied Kakhovka

Collaborator Shtepa, nicknamed ‘Sniff’, was blown up in occupied Kakhovka

In the temporarily occupied Kakhovka, local Gauleiter Andrei Shtepa was blown up. This is reported by the Kremlin propaganda publication TASS.

«Emergency services» told the Russian media that the so-called «head of the village of Lyubimovka on the left bank of the Dnieper in the Kherson region died in a car explosion». Propagandists also note that Shtepa burned alive in the car.

In turn, the deputy of the Kherson Regional Council Serhiy Khlan noted that the deceased collaborator was known as «Shnyr». The collaborator was blown up in Kakhovka near the monument, which the locals call «a girl in an overcoat».

According to the deputy, Shtepa served the Russian invaders because of the sale of moonshine and drugs and willingly handed over Ukrainian activists to the invaders.

The invaders appointed Shtepa Gauleiter of the Lyubimov community on July 18. He was born in Russia, but has long lived in Ukraine. For the last 15 years, Shtepa has lived in Vasilyevka, where he worked at the local communal farm and unsuccessfully ran for the position of village head.

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