Commander of the Joint Forces explains why Belarus trains Russian aircraft

Commander of the Joint Forces explained why Belarus is training Russian aircraft

Training of Russian aircraft, in particular carriers of Kh-47M2 «Kinzhal» hypersonic missiles, in the airspace of Belarus is carried out to clarify the targets in Ukraine that can be struck. This was stated by the commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Sergei Naev.

According to him, today in Belarus there are the 2nd motorized rifle division of the 1st tank army, as well as units armed with «Iskander» which are intended for use on targets in Ukraine. Naev notes that this potential is enough to pose a threat to Ukraine.

In addition, training of Russian guidance aircraft and interceptor aircraft for carriers of air-launched ballistic missiles «Kinzhal».


«These exercises are carried out for the sole purpose of clarifying the targets on the territory of Ukraine, which are intended for launching missile strikes. But, we are taking every measure to reduce this level of threat», — Naev said.

At the same time, the commander assured that the Ukrainian side is closely monitoring the weapons that are being transferred from Russia. Despite the growing military threat, Ukraine is taking adequate measures. In addition, the General Staff provides for the build-up of groups in the event of a significant increase in forces from the opposite side.

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