Commander of the Tavria grouping: The invaders lost their “deep rear” in the Tavria direction

Commander of the Tavria grouping: The occupiers lost their

The commander of the Tavria operational-strategic grouping of troops, Brigadier General Alexander Tarnavsky, said that in the Tavria direction there is no such thing as a “deep rear” for the enemy.

According to him, the Ukrainian military successfully carried out offensive operations in the Kharkiv and Kherson regions thanks to a successful combination of fire and maneuvers.

He noted that the Ukrainian soldiers control all attempts by the invaders to organize effective defense and create conditions for active operations.< /p>

Tarnavsky also said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are doing everything to destroy the maximum number of forces and means of the Russians, even with the relative stability of our positions.

«The more we destroy them now , those men There will be more work in the course of the final liberation of Ukraine from the invaders»,— summed up the brigadier general.

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