Congratulations, Baby Silvana gave birth to Opick’s child

Congratulations, Baby Silvana gave birth to Opick’s child


Singer Opick bring good news. his wife, Baby Silvana known to have given birth to a son. This was announced on Bebi Silvana’s Instagram and also Opick.

“MASYA ALLAH THABARRAKALLAH Alhamdulillah our son was born on Saturday at 00.18 WIB with PB 49.5 cm / weight 2.95 kg We Named Maulana Muhammad Hasan Abdullah El Firdaus (called Hasan)” wrote Bebi Silvana on her Instagram.

In that post, Baby Silvana also wrote about how the wisdom was taken in giving birth to the son. Initially, Bebi Silvina was required to give birth by caesarean section. But Bebi tried her best to be able to carry out the birth process normally.

“On the way to this point, I have learned many things. The wisdom behind this, starting from month to month of my pregnancy until the doctor on the 5th month said I had to have an urgent Ceisar in the 7th month because of Placenta Previa, if not done, bleeding could occur and the child would be premature and I tried to refuse in my ways to return to Optimal and Alhamdulillah it worked and in the 8th to 9th month Baby Hasan was wrapped around Ari² twice in the neck and Alhamdulillah the 2nd was released at 8 months 3 weeks of pregnancy and I’m grateful because it will be born normally, “he continued again.

Baby Silvana said if you actually haven’t felt any signs of pregnancy on July 9th. She also took steps to take gymnastics classes to give birth soon.


“Well, on Friday morning when my HPL was July 9 I still didn’t feel any signs of giving birth then I started doing gymnastics again to give birth and at 4 pm I started having contractions every 30 minutes but I waited for contractions every 10 minutes so that I don’t know if it’s a fake contraction or it’s really going to give birth,” he explained again.

After knowing that she was going to give birth, Bebi Silvana immediately contacted her doctor to immediately check the condition of her uterus.

“I immediately called my doctor and the doctor said it was true that the contractions were going to give birth and then immediately went to the hospital at 19.30 pm and when I checked it turned out that Subhanallah the amniotic fluid had decreased to 5.8 ml which was very abnormal so the only 2 options were induction or Ceisar.. for me it was difficult to choose because induction is painful and Ceisar is not an option. But doctors can’t wait long with such a condition,” he explained again.

Until finally Baby Silvana gave birth to the baby by caesarean section.

“I thought that being induced would not guarantee an immediate opening, only what was felt was just pain and in the end many mothers who gave birth chose Ceisar after doing induction. Finally I chose Ceisar because I was worried for the baby in lack of amniotic fluid. .. thank you Uncle Doctor and all the medical team who have helped my delivery,” he explained again.



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