“Constant shelling. At night, eight “two hundredths”: Russian chmobiks on the front line complain that they were thrown even without ammunition | VIDEO

Occupiers from the 423rd Yampol regiment of the 4th Kantemirovskaya tank division complain about the lack of ammunition, food and communications. The corresponding video was posted on social networks.

According to the Russians, they have very little ammunition, they sent those mobilized for war without training.

«The tasks are unclear, there is no connection, constant shelling. Tonight, eight «two hundredth», three wounded. We lost one tank and a tractor. No ammo, no grenades, no food, no water…», — the invaders complain.

Attention! The video contains profanity!

  • Ukrainian servicemen captured Russian mobilized soldiers who had been at the front for only a few days .

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