Coronavirus | Covid-19 | Luca Zaia | Veneto Region | Vaccines

Coronavirus | Covid-19 | Luca Zaia | Veneto Region | Vaccines

This morning, April 14, the president of the Region Luca Zaia held the update on the coronavirus emergency in Veneto alone. «I start immediately with this morning’s bulletin – he declared – The positives found in the last 24 hours are 1,081 and their tests represent 2.67% of the 40,474 swabs performed. There are 2,013 hospitalized for Covid (-63 from yesterday), divided as follows: 1,736 in the non-critical area and 277 in intensive care. And in intensive care there are also 276 non-Covid patients ».

(Trend of Covid patients in intensive care in Veneto)

The numbers and the related graphs were then commented by Zaia as follows: «The curves on the positives to the virus and those hospitalized for Covid are going down, so the trend is good. And if there was a trend reversal right now it would be something never seen from February 2020 to today. In the non-critical area, the decrease in hospitalized patients can be seen in the graphs of all the Ulss, even in that of Verona which is the most mangy. With each wave, the province of Verona had an atypical trend compared to the rest of the Veneto: at the first wave, the tail of the infection no longer went down; in the second wave, there was the saturation of intensive care and in this third wave it was the last to go down, but it did go down. So it seems that we have taken the right path ».

(Covid patient trend in Veneto)

Set aside the figures, the president of Veneto spoke of dates, citing that of 11 June, when the first match of the European football championship will be played in Rome in an Olympic stadium open to the public at 25% of the capacity. “But I imagine that 11 June is the final part of the reopening – said Zaia – We need to understand how many activities we can open until 11 June. Already in this month of April we have to change something and I hope that this week the work for the guidelines that the Regions will propose to the Government will be completed. It is therefore likely that there is a turning point ».

Finally, Zaia also took stock of the anti-Covid vaccination campaign: «This week we finish the vaccinations of all the over 80s, even if it will be inevitable that someone escapes. So I tell all over eighty who have not received any communication to find out about the vaccination methods in their province. And I thank the mayors who have made themselves available because there are citizens who have not yet given an answer. They are few, but there are. At the same time we go ahead with the vaccinations of citizens with fragility and disabilities and I anticipate that citizens between 70 and 79 years old will soon have the opportunity to book vaccination for themselves and their companion, if the latter is over 70. years”.

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