Coronavirus has changed our lives. But 7.5% do not want to get vaccinated – Chronicle

Milano – Targeted by the virus , the Lombardy – and the whole North West area of ​​the country – shows, after more than a year from the start of the pandemic, a greater psychological temper of Southern Italy. But there is bad news that risks weighing as a (further) boulder on the mass vaccination campaign. Italians no-vax are 7% and there is a further 18% of the national population that being able to puncture would not do it or would like to choose the type of vaccine. These data emerged from the research “The Italians and Covid-19” presented yesterday by the Italia in Salute Foundation and carried out by Sociometrica. The survey, conducted on a representative sample of adults (with a thousand interviews from 24 to 30 March), addressed various issues: in addition to the health impact, calculating that visits and services for non-Covid diseases have been canceled, or postponed for 52 % of Italians identified the one on citizens’ lifestyles and psychology.

The report analyzed how people, beyond the provisions of the law, have spontaneously modified daily behaviorsthe. According to the study “they are especially residents in the South that have had the deepest psychological and behavioral impact “. The virus has caused” an extraordinary reduction in social life “: about 7 out of 10 Italians have chosen not to see friends and acquaintances inside their homes anymore. Do not invite people within the four walls domestic is the choice of 75.4% of residents in the South, practically three out of 4. The Lombard “isolationists”, together with Piedmontese, Ligurians and Valle d’Aosta (all the North West area) are much less: 61.4%. Furthermore, two out of 3 Italians have stopped taking public transport (63.3%), but in the North West the percentage drops to 54.1% In the southern regions, the refusal of public transport rises to 70.4% of residents. 6.1% of the “imperturbable” in the North Western area, ie those who have not changed anything in their spontaneous behavior, against 1.4% in the South.
There is a focus on vaccines. According to Antonio Preiti, director of Sociometrics, the fact that 7.5% of Italians do not intend to get vaccinated is “a relevant fact”. 7.6% of respondents would like to be able to choose the type of vaccine and then there is the “gray zone” of 9.9% of those who if they could would not, stating that they will evaluate later. One in four Italians, however, “can’t wait” to get vaccinated and 40.5% are quietly waiting their turn. The vaccine that enjoys the greatest trust is that produced by Pfizer-BioNTech which among those who express a lot of trust and enough trust, reaches 81.4% of the consensus; in second place Moderna (with 74.2%), in third Johnson & Johnson (68.5%). In fourth Sputnik, not yet authorized by Ema, which with 51.0% exceeds AstraZeneca (49.8%). For Federico Gelli, president of the Italia in Salute Foundation, the “closed-box” trust in Sputnik is curious. We need – he urged – correct information from a scientific point of view “.

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