Coronavirus, today in Calabria 5 dead, 244 recovered and 560 new cases. Stable situation in hospitals, today’s bulletin

Coronavirus, today in Calabria 5 dead, 244 recovered and 560 new cases. Stable situation in hospitals, today’s bulletin

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April 15, 2021, 4:41 pm

Coronavirus, the bulletin of the Calabria Region of today 15 April

Today in Calabria there have been 5 dead, 244 healed e 560 new positive cases to the Coronavirus su 3.097 people subjected to swabs. In the last 24 hours in Calabria the 18,08% of test subjects, an increase compared to the past few days. The Bulletin of the Region also provided the provinces of the new positive cases today, which are divided as follows:

  • 276 in the Province of Cosenza
  • 115 in the Province of Reggio Calabria
  • 88 in the Province of Catanzaro
  • 52 in the Province of Crotone
  • 29 in the Province of Vibo Valentia

The number of cases in Calabria since the beginning of the pandemic is 53.584 people its 669.773 test subjects. The percentage of positives on the subsidiaries is equal to 8,00%. In Calabria they have even been subjected to swabs 12.49 people for each positive. In no region of Italy have so many people been swabed than in each positive case. It is the most important data that testifies to the number of swabs carried out compared to the real spread of the pandemic, and it is the highest number in all of Italy. Calabria, with these data, is by far the least affected region in Italy by the pandemic.

The updated balance sheet to date in Calabria is as follows:

  • 53,584 total cases
  • 921 dead
  • 39,328 healed
  • 13,335 currently positive
  • 474 (-2 hospitalized (3,55%)
  • 48 (+4) admitted to intensive care (0,35%)
  • 12.813 (+309) in home isolation (96,08%)

I 53.584 almost of Calabria are divided as follows into the 5 Provinces of the Region:

  • Reggio Calabria 18,415 cases: 263 dead, 16,254 recovered, 101 in the ward at the GOM, 27 in the ward in Gioia Tauro, 8 in intensive care, 1,762 in home isolation.
  • Cosenza 17,365 cases: 414 dead, 9.963 healed, 116 in the AO ward, 37 in the Rossano ward, 19 at the Acri garrison, 28 in the Cetraro ward, 0 at the field hospital, 19 in intensive care, 6,766 in home isolation.
  • Catanzaro 7,960 cases: 110 dead, 4,972 recovered, 58 in the ward at the AO of Catanzaro, 10 in the ward at the PO of Lamezia Terme, 24 at the AOU Mater Domini, 18 in intensive care, 2,768 in home isolation.
  • Crotone 4,837 cases: 60 dead, 3.685 healed, 39 in ward, 1,053 in home isolation.
  • Vibo Valentia 4,631 cases: 74 dead, 4.145 healed, 15 in the ward, 397 in home isolation.
  • From outside the region and from abroad 376 cases: 309 healed, 67 in home isolation.

Here is the graph with the trend of the new cases of daily contagion in Calabria:

Note: The total of Catanzaro cases includes subjects from other structures and provinces who have been discharged over time. It should be noted that two patients from other provinces were hospitalized at the Germaneto Polyclinic. The deceased are indicated in the province of origin and not in the one in which the death occurred. The count also includes the two Bergamo patients transferred to Catanzaro, while the numbers of the infection received after the communication of the data to the National Civil Protection are not included.

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