Could the exorcism practiced on a young person from Camp Redberry be a crime?

Could the exorcism performed on a youth from Camp Redberry be a crime?

“From a moral point of view, the fact that young people are subjected to this type of practice is reprehensible,” says law professor Tim Quigley.

Despite the testimonies children and their parents, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) announced this week that no charges would be laid in connection with the Camp Redberry exorcism and that the investigation would be closed.

< p class="e-p">While some people find it disturbing, the practice is not illegal in Canada, says Superintendent Josh Graham, head of the Saskatchewan RCMP's Major Crimes Unit.

Understanding exorcism better

However, experts in the field of law point out that details, reported in CBC articles about the practice of exorcism on July 13, could constitute criminal acts.

A poster advertising Bible Camp Redberry, Saskatchewan in the summer of 2022.

According to University of Saskatchewan Professor Emeritus of Criminal Law Tim Quigley, it This is clearly an assault on these young people.

Assault is not just about touching someone, says Quigley.

From a point of view moral, the fact that young people are subjected to this type of practice is reprehensible , he adds.

Tim Quigley adds that, in addition to the person who performed the exorcism, anyone who encouraged, tolerated, or did nothing to prevent it is legally responsible.

A group of young people at Redberry Bible Camp, Saskatchewan, accompanied by Carlos Doerksen (right), accused of performing an exorcism in the summer of 2022.

L' exorcism was performed by Carlos Doerksen, on the night of July 13 to 14, on one of the eight young boys present in a cabin at the Redberry Bible Camp.

  • During the four days preceding the exorcism, the campers were sleep deprived and fatigued from sustained physical activity in the heat.
  • In a video posted on YouTube, Carlos Doerksen claims to have practiced exorcism, which he rather calls deliverance. He indicates that the boys were absolutely terrified.
  • Boys who witnessed the event did not want to leave the scene, fearing that they would be chased by demons.
  • D' According to an audio recording obtained by CBC, camp general manager Roland Thiessen witnessed part of the exorcism, but made no attempt to stop it.

The Executive Director of Redberry Bible Camp, Saskatchewan, Roland Thiessen.

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 knjbxw">Javier Garcia Oliva, Professor of Law at the University of Manchester, believes the exorcism and the events leading up to it could constitute crimes.

Professor of Law at the University from Manchester, Javier Garcia Oliva is a specialist in the issue of young victims of exorcism. He explains that the practice comes in many ways across the world and religions. It can manifest itself as much by torture as by a simple prayer.

Javier Garcia Oliva describes as certainly cruel the ideas instilled in the minds of the campers. They would have been led to believe that a thought about a young girl's physique is a symptom of possession, and a flickering light a sign of the presence of demons.

Although during the day it may seem absurd to many adults, for children who are away from their parents at night, it seems true, says the teacher.

Claiming that these actions were justified by faith will not be enough to defend them, he explains.

Parker Bond, a teenager who was present during the exorcism that took place at Bible Camp Children's Redberry, Sask. July 13, 2022.

According to their parents, some boys still suffer from paranoia and delirium.

This data could constitute an aggravating factor if ever someone were accused, says Tim Quigley.

The two professors also believe that those responsible for Camp Redberry could be subject to prosecution.

CBC has sought to contact Carlos Doerksen, who performed the exorcism, but also the camp's general manager, Roland Thiessen, and the chairman of the board, Wayne Dick. None of them responded to interview requests.

On the Camp Redberry website, a statement attributed to Wayne Dick describes the situation as regrettable, and acknowledges that this caused suffering, both for the campers and their families, although it was an isolated incident.

We are sincerely sorry, the statement said.

According to information from Jason Warick

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