Covid. Now the positives in Olbia are 516. Traffic jams in the emergency room. Six ambulances stuck in the hospital

Covid. Now the positives in Olbia are 516. Traffic jams in the emergency room. Six ambulances stuck in the hospital

★ VIDEO ★ Olbia falls into the drama and comes to terms with the numbers that for two days in a row jump from 50 to 50. Today hospital sources speak of 516 positive people. Inevitably, if the curve does not go above the hill, it goes towards paralysis given the already difficult hospital pressure. Meanwhile, those in the trenches, like the rescuers, shuttles between the homes of the infected people, John Paul II and the sanitation tent of San Giovanni di Dio. All day is a distressing triangle with attention to a thousand and protocols to follow without distractions.

FIRST AID IN TILT. It’s about 1pm. Six vehicles with 15 rescuers tied up from head to toe are stopped waiting for the green light from the emergency room. At least three covid positive patients are on stand by inside the ambulances but cannot be accepted in the distribution as operators fight against infected areas with continuous sanitization. Patients are fine but anxiety is difficult to master. It is the scenario of the morning on the front line against the spread of the contagion in front of John Paul II of Olbia on the third day of crisis in the third wave of pandemic. In just three days the numbers went from 429 to 516. Ninety more in about 72 hours.

ASSOCIATIONS AT THE STREMO. Today the ER gets high with ambulance traffic jams outside. To the 6 associations present, Olbia Red Cross, Intervol Olbia, Mass Padru, Croce Bianca San Teodoro, Monte Ruju Golfo Aranci and August 89 Arzachena, is added the arrival of the medical service of the ASL. In a single morning the Mike 5 delivered 4 positives. Last Saturday, in the first shift alone, the ambulance with a doctor on board transported 7 full-blown positive patients.

SORTING LIKE A YEAR AGO. Since the Mater Olbia is saturated and, as far as is known, the gray area of ​​John Paul II would have been dismantled for some time, positive covids are being transferred back to the hospitals of Sassari, Nuoro and also Oristano. As it happened, but with much lower numbers, about a year ago.

OTHER THAN WHITE AREA. No one speaks in official terms from the hospital and no one informs us of positive people who passed through the ER this morning. Nor do they explain to us why in the first phase of the epidemic the environmental sanitation lasted over three days and three nights with the absolute prohibition of access to contaminated areas while this morning a few hours were enough to open and close. Inside, belly to the ground, they are all busy fighting the third war on the virus in just a year. While now, even at a political level, many, given the situation, are beginning to distance themselves from the choice of having favored the white zone in Sardinia. Today we pay a pledge but it seems that the lashes of the virus leave no scars and we go on like nothing had ever happened.

KEEP CALM. Although there is little to discuss and much to act, an emergency room operator, a department headed by Attilio Bua who never answers the phone, finds time to take it out on journalists: “I don’t care who she is and what she does” – tell us, “Ordering us” to stop filming so as not to film the corridor of the ambulance accusing us, unfairly, of having filmed patients. Respect for privacy, especially for hospital patients, has been a universal issue for years that every category knows they must fully respect. It is not the case, therefore, to stand as the sole holder of the truth in an attempt to pull the ears of those who happen to be within range. You can understand everything, given the situation, but the frustration nervousness in the tough battle against Covid must be controlled because it affects everyone.

SCREAMS OF – LITTLE – SILENCE. In the city it seems that a quarter of an hour does not pass without hearing sirens being explained. And not because of the silence from the red zone. The current one, judging by the traffic, looks more like an old pastel yellow zone. While the comings and goings of ambulances continue, the block of vehicles in the hospital resembles the short cover that alternately covers the head or feet. Six, seven emergency vehicles stopped in the hospital means that the city is almost uncovered for the ordinary 118 service. A real slaughterhouse while no one, by now, is authorized to have illusions waiting, with bated breath, for the weekend numbers. Below is the video shot in the hospital square ►

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