Covid, Pio Boffa dies. With “Pio Cesare” he made the history of Barolo

Covid, Pio Boffa dies. With “Pio Cesare” he made the history of Barolo

Covid, Pio Boffa dies. With “Pio Cesare” he made the history of Barolo

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A great winemaker of the Langhe, Pio Boffa, who died due to Covid.-19. He was 66 years old, he had been hospitalized for two weeks at the Verduno hospital, in the province of Cuneo. The news arrived on Saturday 17 April and did it immediately the tour of the entire world of Italian wine. The Boffa winery is part of the history of Barolo and Barbaresco. Is called Pius Caesar. With his calm and gentlemanly manner, every fly that told the story of his family and the Pio Boffa company lit up to the point of being almost moved. He was proud of his ideas and hard work to bring them out. In his labels, Boffa had the medals won at international exhibitions drawn since 1881, the year the family winery was founded.

Boffa, the history of Barolo

Our family – he said – started with Barolo when this wine was taking its first steps into the world. My great-grandfather recovered old stables in the heart of the center of Alba. And he built a cellar within the Roman walls. My father, an engineer at Innocenti in Milan, left the company in 1942 to dedicate himself to the winery he inherited from his wife, saving it from closure. Excav four floors underground, devises a revolutionary pump system that still works. He was stubborn, ever since he was a child, when he walked 9 kilometers on foot with clogs to school. For him and for all of us, Barolo has always been the result of best grapes from our vineyards. In recent years, however, many producers have chosen Barolo from individual crus, in order to enhance the diversity of the various areas. We do not think so – repeated Pio – we made an exception the Barolo Ornato. When my father communicated it to Luigi Veronelli, he was so satisfied with our change of pace that he wanted to become a kind of godfather: he organized two evenings for us to present him in Milan and Rome. For a couple of years, after finishing her studies, she arrived in the cellar his daughter Federica, who joined his nephew Cesare Benvento. It will be up to them to run the company with 70 hectares of vineyards who sells wines in 50 countries around the world.

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