Covid, the bulletin of the last 24 hours: new infections in decline (12,694). The dead are 251

Covid, the bulletin of the last 24 hours: new infections in decline (12,694). The dead are 251

Covid, the bulletin of the last 24 hours: new infections in decline (12,694). The dead are 251

Italy is ready to reopen beyond the clashes and disagreements even within the government. But what is the situation of the infections in Italy in the last 24 hours? There are 12,694 new cases (yesterday there were 15,370) compared to 230,116 swabs performed, yesterday they were 331,734. The positivity rate rises slightly, and stands at 5.51%: it was 4.6%. The number of victims decreases: 251. Yesterday there were 310. The total number of hospitalized in intensive care is 3,311, 29 less than yesterday in the balance between entries and exits. Patients with symptoms decreased by 452, today they are 23,648. 13,134 patients recovered from Covid or discharged from Italian hospitals in the last 24 hours.

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Meanwhile, in Italy, 15 million vaccinations have been exceeded. The structure of Commissioner Francesco Figliuolo makes it known. To be exact, at 15.20, time of registration, the monitoring system detected the data of 15,099,777 administrations since the beginning of the vaccination campaign. 87.2% of the doses delivered to the Regions were administered. 4,443,309 people received both doses. The distribution of the more than 400,000 doses of Moderna vaccine that arrived last night at the national hub of Pratica di Mare is underway.

Piedmont. There are 751 new cases of people who tested positive for Covid-19 and 3 deaths. 11,177 swabs performed, of which 4,790 antigenic. Of the 751 new cases, 323 were asymptomatic (43%). The total of positive cases thus becomes 337,816 divided as follows on a provincial basis: 27,331 Alessandria, 16,394 Asti, 10,320 Biella, 48,360 Cuneo, 26,087 Novara, 180,849 Turin, 12,594 Vercelli, 12,009 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, as well as 1,419 residents outside the region, but in charge of Piedmontese health structures. There are 288 hospitalized in intensive care (2 less than yesterday). Non-intensive care patients are 3100 (25 fewer than yesterday). There are 19,208 people in home isolation.

Lombardy. With 34,199 swabs carried out, 1,782 new positives are in Lombardy with the positive rate stable at 5.2% (yesterday 5%). The decline in both intensive care admissions (-1, 722) and above all in other departments (-185, 4,716) continues. There are 64 deaths for a total of 32,284 deaths in the region since the start of the pandemic. As for the provinces, there are 599 new cases in the metropolitan city of Milan, 287 in Brescia, 179 in Monza and Brianza, 135 in Bergamo, 119 in Mantua, 102 in Como, 72 in Pavia, 66 in Lecco and Cremona, 55 in Varese, 40 in Sondrio and 25 in Lodi

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