Criminal Harassment: Ex-Cop David Ross Seeks Absolution

Harc&egrave ;criminal element: ex-policeman David Ross seeks absolution

David Ross at the Montreal courthouse. (Archives)

If he pleaded guilty to charges of criminal harassment against two ex-spouses, the former Trois-Rivières police officer, David Ross, wishes to obtain an absolution for the crimes he committed. Sentencing submissions were held Friday at the Montreal courthouse.

David Ross' lawyer, Me Denis Gallant, argues that a prison sentence would be unreasonable in the circumstances. He demands an absolution for his client.

The Crown argues instead that consecutive prison sentences for each of the counts would be more appropriate. She is seeking a total of 11 months in prison, followed by two years probation with supervision.

David Ross's stalking of his two ex-spouses has taken place between 2005 and 2017, in Mauricie. His lawyer pleaded that the gestures were not constant, however. He insisted that the events took place about fifteen years apart.

Me Denis Gallant also indicates that a criminal record would harm his client's new job, which sometimes requires travel abroad. He argued that a criminal record would prevent Mr. Ross from serving on the board of directors of an organization in which he is involved.

For her part, Crown Prosecutor Me Jennifer Morin said Mr. Ross's current bosses are aware of the ongoing legal proceedings and would have no problem with him returning to his job after the sentence. .

In addition to exercising control and excessive jealousy towards his ex-spouses, David Ross admitted to having consulted the Quebec Police Intelligence Center (CRPQ) to obtain information on them.

The Crown explained that Ross had to be aware that he could not use this privilege related to his job for personal purposes since each time he uses the service, a dissuasive reminder on this subject is displayed.

The use of the CRPQ did not cause any victims and Mr. Ross only wanted to obtain addresses to be able to redirect mail, says Me Gallant.

According to the prosecutor of the Crown, the public trust must not be undermined. She indicated that this kind of crime must be treated seriously in the context of the scourge of domestic violence.

She says she fears a risk of recidivism because of Mr. Ross' rehabilitation journey, which she describes as unconvincing. In addition, she referred to what she considers to be a lack of remorse on his part.

Mr. Ross' attorney refuted these claims, saying that his client had indeed taken the bull by the horns. For his part, he recalled that his client began to seek help on his own while he was still in contact with one of the victims. According to him, the risk of recidivism is nil since he admitted his problem in 2017.

The media coverage of the case was also discussed. Me Gallant indicates that the consequences of media coverage on the life of his client are increased in a medium-sized city like Trois-Rivières.

The Crown prosecutor rather believes that Ross has been treated like all other police officers would have been and that he has already been able to obtain a privilege by transferring the legal proceedings to Montreal.

David Ross will be back in court on the 7 next October for the sentencing decision.

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