Cristina Chiabotto, photo with the belly: Luce Maria is coming

Cristina Chiabotto, photo with the belly: Luce Maria is coming

Cristina Chiabotto, the photo with the belly softens the fans. Missing less and less at the birth of the first daughter. The countdown starts

Photo source: Instagram

It is a fantastic time for Cristina Chiabotto. The former Miss Italy is pregnant with her husband Marco Roscio and the countdown can really start for them. Missing less and less and the last photo published by the showgirl testifies that we are really close to the birth of the child. The deadline is set by 4 May.

A wonderful post that of Chiabotto which shows itself wonderful in a white shirt discovering the baby bump. Inevitable, the photograph quickly received many likes and fans complimented it by writing words of praise in the comments.

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Cristina Chiabotto, pregnancy: less and less is missing from the birth of Luce Maria

Photo source: Instagram

Former Miss Italy Cristina Chiabotto is married to Marco Roscio. He too is anxiously waiting for the birth of the little girl, to whom he had made a dedication on Instagram, moving everyone for his words full of love.

The baby will be called Luce Maria. The name chosen is full of meaning as Maria is the name of the showgirl’s grandmother, who unfortunately passed away last May due to Covid-19. As he had told Silvia Toffanin in the living room of Very true, Chiabotto is convinced that her grandmother is hiding behind this gift: life is a continuous cycle and if one soul goes away, another is ready to arrive and this pregnancy is proof of it.

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These are unforgettable moments for the former Miss Italy, who is experiencing everything to the fullest of her emotions. Her sensitivity remained unchanged, in the sense that even before pregnancy she was moved by everything. Now there is less and less and we are all anxiously awaiting the happy event for what will probably be one of the best days of their lives.

Photo source: Instagram

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