Cristina Cordula, her son Enzo “a good match”: she says more!

For 26 years, Cristina Cordula has been a mother who could not be more proud. And the adorable little boy who came into her life in 1994 has now become a man! The host is also full of praise for him as we have noticed during a recent interview for “Purepeople”.
Cristina Cordula is an accomplished woman in every way. Renowned model , M6 figure for several years … She seems to succeed in everything she does, and even in her private life. Indeed, in 1994, she made the most beautiful dream come true: that of becoming a mother . Enzo, born from a previous relationship, pointed the tip of his nose. Now 26 years old, the star’s son has undoubtedly inherited his beauty and has won over many internet users .

Nothing very surprising for Cristina Cordula who does not hesitate to advertise it during her interview with Purepeople, carried out on the occasion of the special public vote week in the Queens of shopping. Moreover, it reveals good news for all concerned: he is single ! ” He is a heart to take right now yes (laughs). He is a wonderful boy, a real kind, he is very sweet, he has a lot of personality too, he is not a slack either but he is is someone who is full of life. So there you have it, it’s a good match (laughs) “, she told us.

Enzo is also a very protective son towards his mother, who is often solicited by his audience. A situation that is not always easy to manage as she emphasizes: ” Sometimes when we are in the street or in a restaurant, it bothers him. That people come to talk to me, interrupt my lunch, it bothers him a little. But he completely understands , he respects my career, what I am, he is even proud. And since he was little it’s like that . ”

Cristina Cordula also took advantage of this interview to give news of Enzo. Lately he contracted the coronavirus. ” He had a Covid light, it lasted a week. He had two days where he was really woozy, very tired, and he was not hungry. But he did not have a fever, he had a lot. headache too, migraines not possible. He was confined for a week. I was not afraid because it was light, it went quickly, so I did not worry, fortunately “, a she reassured.

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