Dad taught Marina Borzhemskaya to help people, and Hector Jimenez-Bravo – to cook

Marina Borzhemskaya was taught by her father to help people, and Hector Jimenez-Bravo - to cook

Thousands of popes are now at the front protecting Ukraine from Russian invaders. On Father's Day, we asked the stars what their fathers taught them and what fatherly techniques they themselves use when raising heirs.

Zlata Ognevich: Dad said that beauty is very fleeting and advised reading books

The father of singer Zlata Ognevich Leonid Grigoryevich worked all his life as a military surgeon. Now he is on the front line in Kharkov, where he treats the wounded and operates under fire from the military.

– My dad is a very wise man who taught me a lot. Since childhood, my father told me that the most important thing is to always remain human. In all circumstances, especially in the most difficult times. After all, it is then that a person manifests himself most of all. To be open, kind, sincere, wise and be sure to help others is what my dad put into me. Even dad said that beauty is very fleeting. What is constantly with us is our mind. “Therefore, daughter, take up books,” I heard from dad (smiles). By the way, I love to read since childhood. I can't imagine my life without books.

Marina Borzhemskaya was taught by dad to help people, and Hector Jimenez-Bravo taught to cook

< p>Zlata Ognevich's father advised her to read books from childhood Photo: provided by STB TV channel

Hector Jimenez-Bravo: We cooked together with my father, but I did not receive support from him

< p>Judge of the project “Masterchef” Hector Jimenez-Bravo admits that he did not receive support from his father in his whole life, but nevertheless learned a few lessons from him:

– It so happened that the most important lesson for me from my father is how not to treat women: with your beloved, with women in your family. He gave me an anti-lesson of how to respect, how to love, how to appreciate everything a woman does for you. To understand how difficult it is to pull a family on oneself, to take full responsibility and at the same time be the keeper of the family hearth, a support for a man and for children. He always showed by his actions that the family is not his priority. Since then, the family has always come first for me, this is the most important thing in life, the chef shared.

Nevertheless, the restaurateur fondly remembers the days when he cooks food with his father at the stake.

– My fondest memories of my father are related to food. Dad loved to cook. His meals were different from my mother's. He liked to do it outside, on an open fire. There were great moments when we went to the river on weekends and cooked sancocho there – soup with beef, potatoes, vegetables. We cooked it on an open fire, in a cauldron. I thank my father for not giving me any support. Zero support for my life. Because of this, I became a strong person, became who I am, says Hector.

Dad taught Marina Borzhemskaya to help people, and Hector Jimenez-Bravo - to cook

The warmest memory of Hector and his father is cooking together Photo: provided by STB TV channel

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Natalia Tatarintseva, host of the show “Dances”: Thanks to my dad, I realized that I myself am responsible for my actions

– Dad always told me: “do what you want, you have your own head on your shoulders and you are responsible for your actions,” says Tatarintseva. – I am grateful to him for this freedom in actions. It has helped me move forward in life and not be afraid to make mistakes. He supported me in everything: in choosing to become a dancer, in choosing to get my first tattoo. He even personally took me to his master friend. My best childhood memory with dad is one of the New Years, when it was just me, dad and mom. Dad then bought a lot of different fruits and pineapple, which I adored. On the same New Year, he allowed me to get a dog, although he used to be against animals and did not allow me to bring anyone even from the street home. I have a cool and very positive dad. Although he is now retired, he never sits still and always finds something to do. In this I have him!

Marina Borzhemska was taught by dad to help people, and Hector Jimenez-Bravo - to cook

< p>Natalya Tatarintseva is grateful to her father that he allowed her to “stuff her bumps” and bear responsibility for it herself Photo: courtesy of the STB TV channel

Vladimir Yaroslavsky: Dad made it clear that family values ​​and traditions are very important

– I learned several important lessons from my dad: family values ​​and traditions are very important, you need to respect and develop the language and culture of your country, always be optimistic and support others, – says the chef. – There are a lot of best childhood memories too! These are family trips to the sea and outings together into the forest. I am proud that I have such a person, and that he always helps us with his children! Thank you dad for raising me the way I am. That our family has very friendly relations! Hug your dads, call them – they will always protect us – their children! – said restaurateur Vladimir Yaroslavsky.

Marina Borzhemska was taught by dad to help people, and Hector Jimenez-Bravo - to cook

Restaurateur Vladimir Yaroslavsky with his parents Photo: provided by STB channel

Marina Borzhemskaya: My father taught me charity

– I have a lot of beautiful and bright memories associated with my dad. As we walked with him to kindergarten and on long journeys he taught me everything. Like going on camping trips with tents. How he braided my braids, created New Year's costumes with his own hands. My dad taught biology at my school, and I somehow took my studies lightly. Once he gave me a “three” with the words: “You have earned as much as you know.” It was so uncomfortable in front of him that I stubbornly took up the subject and proved that I know it perfectly, – Marina Borzhemska shared with KP in Ukraine.

According to the fitness trainer, it was her father who served as an example for her to start helping people.

– Dad taught me charity. For many years he worked in a charitable Jewish center, giving completely uselessly all of himself and everything that he can. Once my father said to me: “Charity loves silence. If you are ready to sincerely share what you have and can – do it, but never wait for someone to thank you for it. You do it at the call of your own heart,” said the athlete.

Marina Borzhemskaya was taught by dad to help people, and Hector Jimenez-Bravo taught to cook

< p>Marina Borzhemskaya's father gave her the “three” in biology she deserved Photo: courtesy of STB TV channel

Celebrity parenting techniques

Grigory Reshetnik: Men's improvisation is being used

Grigory Reshetnik, together with his wife Kristina, has three sons: Ivan, Dima and Alexander. The TV presenter admits that he is trying to be an example for his sons, as his father Ivan was for him. He also uses his father's “tricks” in raising his children.

I learned many life lessons from my father. One of them: never give up. No matter how difficult it is, you always need to find the strength in yourself to rise, gather and move on. The inner core must remain indestructible. Dad also taught me by example to value the family, to treat my wife and children with respect. This is what parents have been demonstrating for 40 happy years in marriage. I grew up in an atmosphere of love. I am proud that I have such loving parents and a very wise father, – the showman told Kp in Ukraine. – When I was 5 years old, my dad and I went for ice cream and milkshakes. My father knew how much I adored them, so I bought several at once. It was our little secret with him. The most important condition is that my mother does not know about it (laughs). And although my mother probably guessed, I liked that my father and I had such small persuasions and male solidarity. By the way, I now have such a practice with my guys. Sometimes Kristinka can scold me for this, then male improvisation comes into play (smiles). But how difficult it is to resist the smile of children.

Dad taught Marina Borzhemskaya helping people and Hector Jimenez-Bravo cooking

Grigory Reshetnik uses father's “tricks” in raising his children Photo: courtesy of STB TV channel

Pyotr Demyanchuk: We try not to dwell on problems and conflicts in the family

The host of the “Single Marathon” and the “Facts” program on ICTV Petr Demyanchuk admits that since the beginning of the war in Ukraine he has been trying not to get hung up on problems and not quarrel over trifles with his relatives. For the sake of his son Andrei, who wanted to learn how to roller-skate and skate, the journalist mastered new skills, and also remembered how to ride a bicycle. Yes, I got used to it so much that two months ago I changed my car to two-wheeled transport.

– To keep calm in the family, we try not to quarrel and, if it boils somewhere, stop on time or even ahead of time. We also try not to lose heart and not get hung up on problems or conflicts. Well, for example, sit on bicycles and go somewhere for half a day. By the way, one of the last gifts for my son was a bicycle. And the next one will be a supercomputer – for programming, animation, editing, etc. He knows which one, but I don’t, – the journalist shared with KP in Ukraine.

Marina Borzhemskaya was taught by her father to help people, and Hector Jimenez-Bravo - to cook

Pyotr Demyanchuk tries not to quarrel with his family Photo: courtesy of ICTV

Egor Krutogolov: If necessary, I can turn into a stern dad

Actor and artistic director of the “Diesel Show” Yegor Krutogolov and his wife are raising two sons – 12-year-old Leo and 2-year-old Maxim. As the comedian admits, he allows himself to be a different dad depending on the circumstances, including during the war.

– The hardest thing about fatherhood during the war is to remain calm and pretend that nothing terrible is happening. Do not twitch or twitch during bombardments or explosions so that the child is not afraid. It is difficult to maintain a good mood, optimism. That is, to pretend that everything is OK when you yourself are scared. But we are trying. For example, I recently took my eldest son and his classmates to the cinema for a boyish film with Tom Cruise. With the younger Max, I also spend time – I walk, I play. I let him do a lot. For example, he wants to climb into the fountain – I will help him to do this if it is safe. True, then other children on the playground cry and ask their parents to allow them the same thing (laughs). But, if necessary, I can turn into a stern dad. Even superheroes should always be in order.

Egor Krutogolov is 41 years old. Since 2006, the artist has been married to a sweetheart named Katerina.

Marina Borzhemskaya was taught by dad to help people, and Hector Jimenez-Bravo - cook

Egor Krutologov allows himself to be a different dad depending on the circumstancesPhoto: courtesy of ICTV

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