Danilko reconciled with his sister, who reported him to the police

Danilko reconciled with his sister, who reported him to the police

Andrey Danilko reconciled with his sister Galina, with whom he had not communicated for many years. According to the artist, he managed to establish contact with a relative after his mother's funeral. On June 19, Danilko spoke about this in an interview with the ICTV Facts program.

“We were reconciled, if I may say so, by the death of my mother,” the singer noted. – We have never had “veal tenderness” in our family, we have always had restrained relations. We never talked about our problems, at least I didn't. If, for example, I was offended at school, I never told my mother about it. I had a very independent youth. I always made the decision myself, my mother did not interfere with me.

Three years ago, in an interview, Danilko mentioned that once his sister wrote a statement to the police against him for allegedly stealing his son.

– My sister at some point, despite the fact that we always had a good relationship, there was some kind of jump. My nephew Vanya, I feel, has some kind of health problem. And since Galya is unbalanced with people, a scandal immediately begins, I took him and put him in the hospital for examination. But he did not tell her which hospital, so that she would not harm Vanya. I'm on the phone, there are doctors. And here I am in the studio. Call, the police come for me at the studio. They recognized me, they said: “Andrey, we received a statement from your sister that you stole a child to sell it for organs,” the musician said.

The mother of the artist Svetlana Ivanovna died at the end of 2020. On the day of her death, the artist took part in the filming of the Mask project, where he was part of the star detectives.

Danilko is 48 years old. He is from Poltava. Andrei's father died in 1980, when the future star was only 7 years old. They were raised by their mother with their sister.

Danilko reconciled with his sister, who reported him to the police

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