Danilov: Many countries ask not to talk about the weapons they supplied

Danilov: Many countries are asking not to talk about the weapons they supplied

Today, a number of countries provide Ukraine with military weapons. And many of them ask not to talk about it. Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, spoke about this in an interview with Liga.net.

To the question of a journalist whether military aid was allocated following the results of Ramstein-3, he replied that countries are not obliged to provide assistance to Ukraine, but they provide.

– For this, we must have slightly different relations with those countries that make commitments. If our country were a member of NATO, it would be a completely different conversation and the configuration of such meetings would change.

Today we must thank the countries that provide us with assistance. There are a lot of them. We don't know about all of them. Very many countries are asking not to voice the military weapons they are handing over to us. Time will pass and we will win – we will thank everyone, – said Danilov.

Earlier, Danilov said that today Ukraine does not see the threat of an attack from the territory of Belarus, because there are not enough forces and means to to carry out such an offensive, which took place on February 24.

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