Dawn Walker and her son Vincent Jansen found safe in Oregon

Dawn Walker and her son Vincent Jansen found safe and sound in Oregon

Dawn Walker, has been missing since July 22, 2022.

The Saskatoon Police Department and U.S. authorities have announced that Dawn Walker and her son Vincent Jansen were found safe and sound in Oregon City, Oregon, USA.

These two people, who had been missing since July 22, were found around 11:30 a.m. Friday morning and are in good health.

Saskatoon police say , steps are underway to ensure their return to Canada.

Several agencies on both sides of the border have worked together to find this Aboriginal woman and her son, who are originally from Saskatchewan .

According to the preliminary results of the investigation, Dawn Walker and her son illegally crossed the American border. US authorities are assessing the implications resulting from their illegal entry into the territory and potential future actions.

In the meantime, Dawn Walker will be returned to Canada and questioned by Canadian investigators upon his return to Saskatoon.

In addition, Saskatoon police say they are taking steps to assign custody of Vincent Jansen to a legal guardian.

More information will be released Monday at a press conference, police said.

For her part, Dawn Walker's mother, Theresa Walker, is delighted that her daughter and her grandson were found safe and sound.

“Our prayers have been answered. These last 15 days have not been easy for our family and our community.

—Theresa Walker, mother of Dawn Walker

Theresa Walker thanks everyone who helped search for Dawn Walker and her son and acknowledges that there will be many challenges to overcome in the coming days. She says she will continue to support her daughter.

For her part, Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations of Saskatchewan (FSIN) Vice-Chief Heather Bear believes that there are complex reasons for the disappearance of Aboriginal women.

She says the FSIN will closely monitor the legal process in this case.

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