Dawn Walker formally charged with illegally entering the United States

Dawn Walker formally charged with entering the United States illegally

According to Saskatoon police, Dawn Walker and her son entered the United States illegally.

Saskatoon police announce that Dawn Walker is the subject of a criminal investigation in the United States and Canada, three days after she and her son were found safe and sound in Oregon City, Oregon.

Saskatoon Police Deputy Chief Randy Huisman announces that Dawn Walker is facing charges, respectively in both countries, as part of a criminal investigation into her disappearance.

Dawn Walker is currently in U.S. custody and is appearing in U.S. court today to face two counts related to the investigation, Ms. Huisman.

Ms. Walker was officially informed on Monday of the two charges against her on American soil.

Saskatoon Police Deputy Chief Randy Huisman reports that the United States Department of Homeland Security has accused Dawn Marie Walker of making false statements in the context of the use of a passport. She had in her possession illegal identification documents belonging to another person.

According to a court document, US prosecutors are asking the court to hold the defendant pending trial due to the risk of non-appearance.

After Dawn Walker was arrested, officers found in her documents a list she had compiled to stage her death and disappearance.

This includes things like dyeing your hair, packing up the car, buying toys, throwing your phone in the water, abandoning your car near the bridge, finding the nearest border and covering up your tattoo, the document says. the court.

The investigation then tracked them to the site in Oregon City, where cross-border cooperation of the forces of the Oregon; order has been taken advantage of, says Randy Huisman.

In Canada, Dawn Walker is charged with kidnapping contrary to a custody order and public mischief. According to SPS Deputy Chief Randy Huisman, further charges are being considered as the criminal investigation progresses.

At a press conference, Randy Huisman says that Saskatoon Police Department investigators are consulting with the provincial Crown to arrange Dawn Walker's extradition to Canada.

Her 7-year-old son, who has been in the care of a legal guardian since August 5, returned to Canada on Sunday, the officer said.

No Amber Alert had been raised after their disappearance. The circumstances did not meet the provincial or local criteria for using such a measure, Saskatoon Deputy Police Chief Randy Huisman said.

The Saskatoon Police Service continues to ask anyone with relevant information to contact SPS at 306-975-8300, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222 -8477 or with the local police department.

A support march for Dawn Walker was held Sunday night in Saskatoon as questions linger over her disappearance.

Her relatives are delighted that she and her son have been found alive, 15 days after their disappearance in Saskatoon.

Her situation requires understanding and compassion, and she needs to be heard, said Kathy Walker, the younger sister of Dawn Walker, who attended the rally in support Sunday night.

She calls on the community members to be patient, pending the results of investigations.

[Dawn] deserves our support, rather than pointing fingers, says Kathy Walker. I think we need to look at the larger system at play here and how that impacted her taking such drastic action.

The co-chair of Iskwewuk Ewichiwitochik in Saskatoon (Women Walking Together), Darlene Okemaysim-Sicotte, a group that supports the families of missing and murdered Indigenous women, agrees.

The circumstances are confusing, she urges people to be patient and wait for a fuller explanation.

Ms Okemaysim-Sicotte says people are angry about the resources used to search for Dawn Walker and the emotional impact felt by people who feared that Dawn she and her son were injured.

An online fundraising campaign organized by Idle No More is underway to support Dawn's legal defense. It raised $13,087 on Monday morning.

With information from Kendall Latimer, Frederic Harding and Geneviève Patterson

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