Dawn Walker recounts the circumstances that led to her disappearance

Dawn Walker recounts the circumstances that led to her disappearance

Dawn Walker, missing since July 22, 2022, was found in Oregon.

In a statement sent to CBC, Dawn Walker explains why she faked her disappearance and that of her son.

Originally from Saskatchewan, this Indigenous woman and her son were missing for two weeks before being found by US authorities on Friday in Oregon City in Oregon.

“I left Saskatoon because I was afraid for my safety and that of my son.

— Dawn Walker

Dawn Walker did not elaborate on the precise nature of the danger in question. She had, however, accused her ex-husband of domestic abuse in the past.

Ms Walker has issued an apology to family members, friends and those involved in the research to find it.

“I apologize to anyone I have wronged. I had no choice. Nobody heard me. I love my son deeply and that is what motivated me. »

— Dawn Walker, a native of Saskatchewan

According to American authorities, Dawn Walker had faked her death and that of her son in addition to carrying out thefts of identity and the fraudulent creation of a bank account.

She is now facing charges of identity theft in the United States and Canada. She is also charged with parental abduction and public mischief.

Dawn Walker claims she was neglected by the Saskatchewan justice system.

She adds that she submitted several reports of domestic violence to the Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), and that nothing was done.

“The SPS and RCMP only took us seriously when they thought we were dead.

—Saskatchewan native Dawn Walker

When asked about this a day earlier, Saskatoon Police Deputy Chief Randy Huisman said that investigations had been conducted into allegations of domestic violence made by Ms. Walker.

“We have investigated all allegations brought forward by Dawn Walker in the past and no arrests have been made on her charges.

— Saskatoon Police Department Deputy Chief Randy Huisman

CBC tried to reach Dawn Walker's ex-husband, but without success.

In the meantime, Dawn Walker's family is asking the federal and provincial governments to begin extradition proceedings so that she can return to the country.

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