Dawn Walker returned to Canada to face criminal charges

Dawn Walker returned to Canada to face criminal charges

Dawn Walker was reported missing on July 22 before being found almost two weeks later in the United States. (archives)

Dawn Walker will be returned to Canada on Wednesday to face criminal charges. She was arrested in Oregon, USA, on August 5 after using fake IDs to cross the US border with her seven-year-old son.

After being arrested, Ms. Walker said she did the actions because of a domestic violence issue.

I left Saskatoon because I was afraid for my life. my safety and that of my son, she affirmed.

Judge Stacie F. Beckerman of the U.S. District Court in Oregon ordered that 48-year-old Dawn Marie Walker be surrendered to Canadian authorities.

Assistant District Attorney Scott Kerin of the United States for the District of Oregon, told the court that Ms. Walker's return to Canada was in the interests of both countries, as she had waived a lengthy procedure formal extradition.

Dawn Walker is due to be handed over to special agents from the Bureau of Homeland Security on Wednesday.

The latter take her to the Canadian border where she will be handed over to the authorities. She will then face charges of public mischief and child abduction in violation of a custody order.

Dawn Walker and her son had been last seen on July 22 in Saskatoon. They were both found nearly two weeks later in Oregon, USA.

With information from The Canadian Press

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