Days Gone: the PC version finally has a release date!

Days Gone: the PC version finally has a release date!

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In the past few weeks there has been a lot of talk about the future of Days Gone. Unfortunately, from what appears from the words of Jason Schreier Sony would have canceled the project dedicated to the sequel to the open world of Bend Studios. In this regard, we have never received any official confirmation from Sony, which today focused on giving us the latest, fundamental, information on the arrival of its exclusive also on PC. Days Gone: Deacon

Announced several months ago, Days Gone is now very close to landing on PC as well. This shift of a Sony exclusive from PlayStation console to PC is nothing new, as other games like Death Stranding and Horizon Zero Dawn had already arrived on PC in the past. This afternoon it’s time to discover the last details to welcome with open arms the latest production of Bend Studios, to which a new trailer has just been published.

The film lasting just over a minute and a half contains some of the Main characteristics that Days Gone will have on PC. UltraWide support confirmed, unlocked frame rate, customization of the game’s visual appearance through an options menu full of possibilities and mouse and keyboard support. To all this we also add a photo mode that has features dedicated to super resolution.

In conclusion, one of the latest information that was missing and perhaps the most important of all is made known: the release date. Days Gone will debut on PC starting next year May 18. We are almost there then, just over a month of waiting and even PC players will be able to explore Oregon on their inseparable bike.

If you don’t have a good enough gaming PC but want to recover Days Gone, you can buy the PlayStation 4 version (also compatible on PS5) on Amazon at this address.

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