Deal concluded: “Animosities and clans” between buyers, Sophie Davant reveals behind the scenes

Sophie Davant answered questions from buyers of “Deal concluded”, in the columns of “Télé 2 Weeks”. And she made revelations about the atmosphere behind the scenes between Julien Cohen, Caroline Margeridon and the others.
Sophie Davant is in the spotlight in the Télé 2 Weeks edition of December 14, 2020. The 57-year-old presenter was interviewed by the buyers of a Deal (France 2), the opportunity to discover that some small tensions could exist within the team.

Deal concluded: A buyer annoyed with the production: “I’m paying the price!”
On December 21, the second channel will broadcast a new premium concluded Case . The Télé 2 Semaines magazine therefore gave the floor to buyers Julien Cohen , Alexandra Morel , Caroline Margeridon , Diane Chatelet and Stéphane Vanhandenhoven . All of them asked Sophie Davant about her private life, but also about the show. And the beautiful blonde answered it without language!

Julien Cohen asked her what was according to her the ” ideal business team “. “There are inevitably ‘historical’ ones, like you or Caroline [Margeridon, editor’s note]. But it is very important to also have small new performers, like Damien Tison . The team does not stop renewing itself and we do all so that there is a mix of different personalities. It is not always easy to manage. There are sometimes sensibilities, animosities and clans . Buyers are delivered to stardom and there can be excesses. I then play the role of a big sister by calming them down and explaining that we cannot do anything publicly. I am thinking of Pierre-Jean Chalençon, but not only. I also regret that Pierre-Jean is no longer there, he is missing from the show, but it is not for lack of having alerted him on several occasions … “, replied Sophie Davant.

In November 2019, the former wife of Pierre Sled had indeed warned Pierre-Jean Chalençon because he had been ousted from the casting of Dance with the stars after having said too much. ” Pierre-Jean is someone I adore, but he’s a free electron. We can’t channel him, so he talks a lot … There are things we would do without, especially off-show, but I adore him! (…) I would not like him to spoil himself and go astray. I spend my time telling him (…) But in vain I say to him and give him advice, he is unmanageable. I hope he will choose the right projects … “, she explained when she Télé Loisirs . After some controversy,left the program .

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