Death of Bertrand-Kamal (Koh-Lanta): A tribute object makes the buzz, “it is not for sale!”

It has already been three months since Bertrand-Kamal has died. The distinguished adventurer of “Koh-Lanta, Les 4 Terres” died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 30. He was able to seduce TF1 viewers and one of them paid him a superb tribute. An unexpected buzz!
On September 9, 2020, Bertrand-Kamal died after battling his pancreatic cancer . A death that occurred during the broadcast ofKoh-Lanta, Les 4 Terres ( TF1 ), program in which he participated. Since then, the adventurers, Denis Brogniart , the production of the program but also the faithful viewers have paid tribute to him. Romain, a young 22-year-old fan, went further by making a beautiful object … and made the buzz despite himself.

On his Instagram account, he shares his creations: small personalized Funko Pop figures . Last October, he had the great idea of ​​making one with the effigy of Bertrand-Kamal. A beautiful object as a tribute offered to Samir, the father of the deceased, as well as to Denis Brogniart. ” Look at the gift I received! A figurine with the effigy of Bertrand-Kamal from #kohlanta! Thank you, Romain@romcustomfiguresfor this nice surprise! I know you customized one for Beka’s parents too , “writes the adventure game host in the caption of a photo of him posing with his minifigure.

And without further ado, many Internet users reacted and sought to obtain the Bertrand-Kamal miniature. Overwhelmed by the number of sudden requests, Romain made an update on his Instagram account. “ For information, the Bertrand-Kamal figurine is not for sale. It was made only for the parents of Beka and Denis! ”, He explains. And to add a layer of it, evoking an exception for certain adventurers: ” I repeat that in no case will I reproduce it for individuals, it is, and will never be for sale. On the other hand, if members of the ‘EST team wish they had one, you can contact me, I think his parents would accept without hesitation. “

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