Death of Claude Brasseur – Brigitte Fossey testifies: “When I knew he was sick ….”

The first words of Brigitte Fossey were particularly expected after the announcement of the death of Claude Brasseur on December 22, 2020 . The actor died at the age of 84, ” surrounded by his family “, as his family said in a statement. This same document specified that the great actor with the two Caesar (1977 and 1980) did not succumb to Covid-19, without revealing the causes of his death.

In the December 23 edition of Parisian , Brigitte Fossey testifies a few hours after the disappearance of the one who was her great friend. After having played the part in La Boum and La Boum 2 in the 80s, and having formed a couple, Brigitte Fossey and Claude Brasseur became friends. It was with great sadness that the 74-year-old actress learned a few months ago that her former film partner had to face the disease. ” When I found out this summer that he was ill, I kept a picture of him near me . I read his wonderful book , Thank you,very intimate. He talks about theater, friendship, sport. A book that is both accessible and profound. His gaze on the cover is tragic, like that of someone leaving. I would like to say thank you in turn. He will never be gone for me, “says Brigitte Fossey to the Parisian .

Friends for many years, the two actors used to meet every year, in summer, at the Ramatuelle Festival: ” I was going to see her play there, or we would attend the plays together. by the way, the last time I saw him, three years ago. I had a lot of admiration for the actor. I applauded him in so many roles on stage! So remarkable in Le Souper, with Claude Rich, Conversations avec mon père, where he played a New York bar owner. So funny with Villeret in the Dinner of Cons. ”

Brigitte Fossey is aware that with Claude Brasseur, they have forever marked a generation with La Boum : “ With La Boum, we were the parents of a generation . ” It was together that they discovered the young and talented woman. Sophie Marceau , to whom they had predicted a great destiny, without being mistaken: ” Both of us were also seduced by the ease of Sophie Marceau, whom we saw as a future Claudia Cardinale. ”

Claude Brasseur will rest in the coming days with his father, Pierre, in the coming days, in the Père-Lachaise cemetery, in Paris.

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