Death of Claude Brasseur: Sophie Marceau silent, her non-reaction astonishes

Claude Brasseur and Sophie Marceau have a particular history. They starred in “La Boum” and “La Boum2” and shocked France by playing lovers in “Descente aux enfers.” “The actress has yet to react to the death of her former screen partner. Surprising …?
The death of Claude Brasseur , which occurred Tuesday, December 22, 2020, arouses great emotion. The missing actor has received numerous tributes . Sophie Marceau , her partner in the films La Boum, La Boum 2 and Descente aux enfers , has not yet officially expressed herself, a silence that earned her some criticism …

” No reaction, on the RS [social networks, Editor’s note] , from Sophie Marceau to the death of Claude Brasseur, ” Hugues Charbonneau is surprised on Twitter. Tuesday, December 22, the day of the death of Claude Brasseur, the producer of the Caesarized film 120 Beats per minuteunderlined the lack of reaction from Sophie Marceau. He adds: ” The actress does not like RS except to promote a conspiratorial documentator on the covid .”

Hugues Charbonneau thus alludes to Hold-Up , the documentary on Covid-19 directed by Pierre Barnérias and released on video on demand on November 11. Sophie Marceau then posted the illustration of the film on Instagram, which she uses very little and where she has more than 500,000 subscribers.

His previous publication, the cover of the book The Charlatan and other poems by author Vincent Zulawski, dated back to January.

Hugues Charbonneau’s tweet sparked some reactions. ” It is an obligation to have a reaction on the RS? It can very well do it in private without putting itself forward on the RS. Sad world that one where one has to spread his sentence in the public square, at the risk of pass for a monster “, for example replied a user. Another adds: ” Everyone grieve differently, the funeral is not a contest of the biggest ego! ”

It is true that Sophie Marceau and Claude Brasseur have a particular history. The two stars had shocked French opinion because of the film Descent into Hell , released in November 1986. They played there two lovers and interpreted scenes of intimacy. A few years earlier, Claude Brasseur played Sophie Marceau’s father in the films La Boum and La Boum 2 . ” When Descent into Hell came out, there was a profusion of letters addressed to Gaumont, to Sophie and to me. It is barely if I was not accused of incest, ” he recalled on Europe 1, in 2017.

If Sophie Marceau has not yet expressed herself, another star of La Boum has done so: Brigitte Fossey. The one who played the mother of Vic (Sophie Marceau) and the wife of François Berreton (Claude Brasseur) shared her immense sadness with the Parisian , revealing that the actor with the two Caesars had been ill for several months .

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