Death of Rika Zarai: Laurence Boccolini, “collapsed”, shares her immense sorrow

The host of France Télévisions is heartbroken. On December 23, 2020, her friend Rika Zaraï died at the age of 82. On Instagram, Laurence Boccolini paid him a moving tribute.
Another legend has just joined the stars. After the world of comedy with Claude Brasseur , it is that of music that is in mourning. Rika Zaraï died on December 23, 2020, at the age of 82. Sad news announced by the Israeli Embassy in France. ” Deeply saddened by the disappearance of Rika Zaraï who conquered the hearts of the French with her beautiful accent of sabra. She sang Israel and Jerusalem with passion and dedication. It is one of the most beautiful voices of Israel in French which s’ is off. Our condolences to her husband JP Magnier, “she wrote on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, tributes are increasing on social networks, including that of Laurence Boccolini .

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On this Christmas Eve, the 57-year-old France 2 host is in mourning. It is with a heavy heart that she will celebrate Christmas with her husband Mikaël Fakaïlo and their little Willow . Her friend Rika Zaraï made her entry into paradise. Laurence Boccolini therefore wished to pay tribute to her on her Instagram account by first sharing a photo of her. She then shared one of her great regrets.

” You told me on the phone a few months ago: ‘See you soon?’ … This failed date breaks my heart . I couldn’t wait to see you again … I loved you so much for your great kindness, your intelligence your patience and the attentive ear that you had for me long ago during a difficult time … You found the words and you really cared about others. This morning I was devastated . I have a sweet thought for your husband [Jean-Pierre Magnier, Editor’s note] and your family. I will miss you a lot … LOVE YOU “, she wrote in the caption. A moving message that shows how much Laurence Boccolini carried her in her heart.

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