Defense Express explains why it is dangerous for Iran to receive samples of NLAW, Javelin and Stinger

Defense Express explained the danger of Iran receiving samples of NLAW, Javelin and Stinger< /p>

In exchange for kamikaze drones, the Russians could give the Iranians samples of Western weapons that came to them from the battlefield in Ukraine. Defense Express Editor-in-Chief Oleg Katkov explained in an interview with Radio NV how these samples could be used by Iran.

According to him, the Iranians are engaged in reverse engineering. So, for example, the Iranian kamikaze drone Shahed-136 actually repeats the aerodynamic design of the Israeli kamikaze drone Harpy, designed to destroy radar systems. However, the Iranians borrowed only an aerodynamic shape.

«That is, they disassemble, look, then assemble. And sometimes they collect it very similarly, such a cargo cult they have. If it looks, for example, like an Israeli drone, then it will be of the same quality as that of Israel», — expert says.

Speaking of the captured Western weapons, Katkov notes that Iran is unlikely to be able to start producing their analogues.

«They will not assemble Javelins corny because they do not have a thermal imager production. And to get it, then a unit of a thermal imager will cost an astronomical price, because it costs crazy money. And the quantity is limited. That is, they will not conditionally produce Javelins», — he says.

The expert emphasizes that «it is not enough to disassemble, understand how it works, even it is not enough to have certain names of components from which you can assemble something similar». The key aspect is the presence of all the critical components that make up the weapon.

«I think they could get the Stinger anyway. In NLAW, the system is really quite relatively complicated, everything is done there in an extremely interesting way. For example, they can understand how the NLAW rocket's magnetic sensor works. They can understand, but that doesn't mean they can repeat», — adds Katkov.

  • Media reported that Russia has given Iran cash and Western weapons seized in Ukraine in exchange for drones that it uses to strike Ukrainian infrastructure.

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