Defense of Kyiv: Command of the capital keeps troops on alert

Defense of Kyiv: Command of the capital keeps troops on alert

The head of the Kyiv City Military Administration, Sergei Popko, reassured the people of Kiev regarding the defense lines of the capital, according to him, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are taking the necessary measures to maintain troops in combat readiness. This was reported by the press service of the KGVA with reference to a comment by Popko.

«The Kyiv Defense Forces and Means Command is taking systematic measures to build up and maintain our troops in combat readiness»,& #8212; he noted.

According to Popko, measures are being taken to coordinate command and control bodies, the systems of engineering equipment, air defense, fire destruction of the enemy, logistics, etc. are being built up and improved.


«I want to reassure the people of Kiev that all these activities are carried out by the relevant military commanders, the leadership of Kyiv», he stressed.

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