Delphine Wespiser often dredged by the candidates of Fort Boyard: “What are they trying!”

In addition to being one of the favorite Miss France of the French, Delphine Wespiser is one of the figures of “Fort Boyard”, which is moreover a very coveted character … In “La Grosse cartriade”, she confided to receive lots of advances from the show’s contestants.
For 7 years now, Delphine Wespiser has made a place of choice in the showFort Boyard . The former Miss France there embodies the characters of Red and White and it is little to say that each of her appearances on the small screen has its small effect. In addition to seducing viewers, the pretty young woman of 28 years also catches the eye of the candidates of the game hosted by Olivier Minne . In any case, this is what she said on the set of La Grosse Charriade (C8) Thursday evening.

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Indeed, while Cyril Hanouna asked her if she was regularly dredged by men, Delphine Wespiser indicated that she received a lot of attention from the personalities of Fort Boyard . ” 50% of the male candidates who come to Fort Boyard and who come to Blanche write to me afterwards . So you take all the cast of all the years … and you take 50% “, she confided, without however reveal names.

Stung by curiosity, the other guests of the show wondered if Passe-Partout , another famous character from Fort Boyard , had also tried his luck with the beautiful Delphine. ” No, it’s very nice Passe-Partout, and it’s very friendly, ” she explained, amused. And to insist: “ But 50% of the guys who come to Fort Boyard otherwise. ” According to Delphine Wespiser, their approach remains however always very cordial and benevolent. “‘ You are very charming’, ‘I was impressed’, ‘it’s intriguing’ … and then they try to continue what! “, She noted messages that

In any case, Delphine Wespiser is not a heart to take. For four years, she has even been very much in love with Roger , her darling 25 years her senior . ” Roger is a sun. He soothes me, gives me self-confidence, makes me feel good. In my life, I have never felt so good as since I was with him “, she assured in 2019 in a documentary dedicated to Miss France.

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