Demi Lovato Confesses After Acting First Sex Scene

Demi Lovato Confesses After Acting First Sex Scene


Singer Demi Lovato seems really serious about trying the world of acting. He was even willing to do sex scenes in the comedy series titled Hungry which aired on NBC.

Through Instagram, Demi Lovato shared her feelings for the first time in a sex scene in front of the camera. There is a message for fans written by the Skyscraper singer.

To her followers on Instagram, Demi Lovato gave an important message about body positivity. He admitted that he was quite anxious about having sex scenes, but he finally got through it.

“I was nervous at first, but the crew and the rest of the cast were so professional and easy to work with so it calmed me down a bit,” wrote Demi Lovato.

“Then I remembered how proud I was to feel quite comfortable doing it. I rarely show my arms but now I’m here…” he continued.

other than that Demi Lovato also mentioned that he doesn’t always feel confident about his appearance. So that the sex scene in front of the camera makes this acting project an achievement.

Before plunging into the world of singing, Demi Lovato was a Disney star with Selena Gomez. They appeared on Barney & Friends and then starred in Camp Rock with the Jonas Brothers.

He has also been a guest star on the series Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Will & Grace and has been a voice actor in the animated film Smurfs.

Through Hungry, Demi Lovato plays Teddy, a food stylist who is trying to have dates and a healthy diet. But she had a hard time finding a man who fit her desires.

Demi Lovato is also an executive producer on the series along with Suzanne Martin. However, until now, it has not been revealed who will direct the series.

The Hungry series is still in the process of shooting after the shooting schedule was pushed back to January 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Reporting from Screenrants, they are currently still making a pilot project of the show and waiting for NBC’s approval to air in mid-2022.



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