Demonstrator injured in the face: police officer Charles-Scott Simard cleared

Protester injured in the face: police officer Charles-Scott Simard cleared

Police intervention during a student demonstration in Quebec (archives).

The police officer who shot a young woman in the face while firing tear gas during a student protest in March 2015 has just been cleared by the Police Ethics Committee.

The Committee finds that Constable Charles-Scott Simard, of the Service de police de la Ville de Québec, did not violated its Code of Conduct.

The ethics commissioner accused him of having used a chemical irritant gun without showing discernment and caution.

Agent Charles-Scott Simard accompanied by his lawyer Robert DeBlois, in September 2017

After reviewing the evidence, administrative judge Sylvie Séguin disagrees.

The evidence reveals that, at the time when Constable Simard fired a canister of irritating gas during the demonstration, he was unaware that shooting at close range carried a risk of injury, she wrote in her decision.

During the hearings, it was shown that the training received by the officer did not mention the risks associated with shooting at close range with this type of weapon.

“Even considering that Agent Simard would have shot too high or too close, the rules of caution in the handling of the weapon known on March 26, 2015 are respected and the agent did not lack discernment when he fired. »

— Excerpt from the decision of Judge Sylvie Séguin

Constable Simard was initially found guilty of the offence, in December 2017, in addition to being imposed a two-day suspension.

The Court of Quebec, however, overturned the guilty verdict, which allowed Officer Simard to have a new hearing before the Police Ethics Committee.

Naomie Tremblay-Trudeau had been injured in the face after receiving shrapnel from a cartridge during a demonstration in March 2015, in front of the National Assembly.

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