DENISE PEPITONE, ITALY made fun of by RUSSIA only do AUDIENCE on the TV PROGRAM. Here because

DENISE PEPITONE, ITALY made fun of by RUSSIA only do AUDIENCE on the TV PROGRAM. Here because

DENISE PEPITONE, ITALY made fun of by RUSSIA only do AUDIENCE on the TV PROGRAM. Here because

The case of Olesya Rostova, the 21-year-old Russian, who is looking for her mother and who it could be Denise Pipitone, the little girl from Mazara del Vallo who has been missing for many years now, is continuing to upset Russian TV and beyond, in fact a controversy has broken out against the Russian broadcast which apparently is in the possession of DNA results.

The news of the possible finding kept us in suspense and generated several controversies on Twitter especially for those who are fans of the transmission. ‘Who has seen?’ by Federica Sciarelli. Many have thus begun to try to follow a lead. Obviously, the news of this possible discovery immediately made it possible to generate more than some skepticism about it, in fact, there are many reports regarding Denise Pipitone that have arrived over the course of the seventeen long years. Yet there had never been such a clear, so important track that leads up to Russia, much less one so striking physical resemblance to Denise’s mother, Piera Maggio.

As for the DNA tests these are in possession of the Russian transmission and will remain hidden until tonight’s episode, when they will be revealed to the public. The controversy broke out mainly due to the fact that many accused the Russian program of marching on the issue of Denise Pipitone just to make an audience.

The writer also came to the fore on the issue Massimo Grimaldi, who wrote on social media that Olesya Rostova would not be little Denise, as there would be some photographs depicting Rostova with her biological sister, Anastasia, whose real name is supposed to be Angela, pictured behind the scenes of the Russian broadcast. According to the writer, the truth would therefore already be evident since later these photos would have been deleted from social profiles (actually, as you can see – the photos are still there and we posted them to accompany the piece).

On Twitter the controversy has rekindled, many have accused the Russian television program of speculate on the pain of a family, some have marked the accent by writing about “a spectacle that goes beyond that of certain Italian programs”. Also on the Anastasia’s social profile they did not wait the comments of Italian users: “All visibility, all fiction, a great mockery. Shame on you. Here there is a mother who has been crying for 17 years ”. And someone obviously asks: “Why not say it first that it’s not Denise?”. This whole thing obviously begins to take off tinged with an absurd and shameless spectacle. Even more considering how (several commentators also note) the young Russian is also a mother: Молодая мама, young mother, is what she writes in her bio on Instagram.

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