Denise Pipitone case, mystery solved: “Biological sister found”. The picture

Denise Pipitone case, mystery solved: “Biological sister found”. The picture

Denise Pipitone Olesya – Solonotizie24

These were very intense days for Denise Pipitone’s family and also for the young Olesya Rostova who, with a public appeal to the Let them talk program, said she was looking for her biological parents. Over the last few hours, however, here comes the truth about the DNA test that leaves everyone in shock.

The case relating to the disappearance of Denise Pipitone over the years it has always captured the attention of the Italian media and beyond, given that Piera Maggio she never gave up looking for her daughter.

Seeing the young Olesya sparked the cautious hopes of Maggio, but also those of the Italians who hoped to be able to witness a happy ending to the tragic events and an embrace between her mother and daughter snatched away in 2004. Piera Maggio, unfortunately, at what it seems he will have to swallow a new bitter mouthful: Olesya is not Denise.

Denise Pipitone Olesya – Solonotizie24

“So let’s put an end to this show”

This is the appeal launched by journalist Matteo Grimaldi who in a post shared on social media told what is happening in Russia, and the macabre (in some ways) way in which the Let them talk program would be aiming more at the share triggered by the story of Olesyarather than the real reason why the young woman turned to the editorial office.

The journalist in his long post on Facebook writes: ” As you know, Russian TV is creating a kind of reality show around the story. Today he communicated the negative result of the DNA to a mother who hoped that Olesya was her daughter who disappeared as a child . My heart cries to have to communicate that tomorrow the same script will be broadcast with Piera Maggio’s lawyer, guest of the program. Eventually they will have Olesya meet with the one who is referred to as his biological sister ”.

Olesya is not Denise Pipitone: the meeting with her sister

In the place shared by Matteo Grimaldimoreover, it is possible to read how in the course of the last few hours there are official photos that show on the web Olesya along with his biological sister Angela (enough to exchange a few likes on social networks), explaining how the doubt and the mystery that the two women had already met but that they kept silent about everything just for a question of share is growing more and more.

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The journalist also reveals: “So let’s put an end to this show, let’s put an end to this propaganda of feelings and pain that Russian TV thinks it is still carrying on by making fun of millions of people who hoped to see Piera Maggio smile with his newfound Denise. It will not be so. I tell you with tears in my eyes. I’m so sorry for mom Piera. This is the photo of Olesya’s biological sister. Unfortunately, Olesya is not Denise […] . I hope we clarify what appears to be a farce against Piera Maggio and all of Italy”.

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