Deputy Saldo, Gubarev's wife, disappeared in Kherson region

Deputy Saldo, wife of Gubarev disappeared in Kherson region

Vo temporarily occupied Genichesk, the so-called «deputy head of the CAA of the Kherson region» Ekaterina Gubareva. This is reported by the Russian media with reference to her husband — former «people's governor» Pavel Gubarev of Donetsk.

According to him, the last time Gubareva was seen was on November 15 near the building «of the government of the Kherson region» in Genichesk. After that, communication with her disappeared.

Previously, Gubareva was «Foreign Minister» terrorist «DPR». Since the summer, she has been deputy to Vladimir Saldo, whom the occupiers appointed & # 171; head & # 187; Kherson region.

«Attempts to reach Saldo to find out the whereabouts of Ekaterina have so far been unsuccessful», — Gubarev said.

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