Destroyed 5 Shahed-136 drones and ejected: The pilot is ready to take the helm again | A PHOTO

Destroyed 5 Shahed-136 drones and ejected: Pilot ready to fly again | PHOTO

Ukrainian MiG-29 pilot shot down 5 enemy drones «Shahed-136» and two rockets in the Vinnitsa region, but was forced to eject due to damage to the aircraft, having previously taken the fighter away from the village. It is reported by the Air Command «West» Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Two days after the incident, a pilot with the call sign KARAYA live on the telethon & # 171; United News & # 187; confidently declared that he was ready even tomorrow to get into the cockpit of a fighter, which is already waiting for a brave pilot in the unit.

The military man says that he would not mind destroying the invaders on the F-16, but also on Soviet equipment with twins «will give the rashists a light».

«The enemy, having no success on the battlefield, begins to move on to terrorize the civilian population, destroying not military facilities, but playgrounds, public transport stops and other «decision-making centers». Including uses Iranian drones. But in a short time we have adapted to such a threat. Although to be honest, the goal is not an easy one, but we are quite successful in destroying it», — the pilot noted.

He added that the guidance at night is carried out by the Ukrainian defenders by radar. According to him, it is much easier to work in the daytime, since it is possible to establish visual contact with an air target.

«We will work further! Until the complete annihilation of the enemy!» — underlined the hero.

Destroyed 5 « Shahed-136

  • The expert told how Iranian Shahed-136 drones will be “jammed”.

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