Did you know that these celebrities once had a relationship with each other?

Did you know that these celebrities once had a relationship with each other?

William Rutten and Nance

Top photographer William Rutten (51) has been happily married for years to his wife Sarah, with whom he has two young children. What many people do not know, however, is that he was also married to presenter Nance Coolen (47) for a while. The photographer tied the knot with Nance at the age of 25, but the marriage did not last long: after five years, the two separated. In an interview with Beautiful world William recently told about the period after their divorce. According to William, Nance needed a lot of attention, something he couldn’t give her at the time, because he was very busy with his work. “When that marriage collapsed after five years, I found that I had basically skipped my entire childhood. Then I was completely unhinged for five years. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. It couldn’t stop. I see that as my deepest valley, because I did meet myself then. At the same time, it was something that just had to get out’, says William.

Jort Kelder and Georgina Verbaan

If there is anyone who is not really lucky in the field of love, it is Jort Kelder (56). His relationship with actress Georgina Verbaan (41) is an example of this. The presenter was overjoyed with her for a while, but the relationship ended in a rather painful way. Georgina was secretly filmed while she was kissing fiercely with fellow presenter Pieter van der Wielen in a cafe. The images of this were eventually broadcast on television. Jort and Georgina have tried to save their relationship after this, but unfortunately they did not succeed.

Baas B en Yolanthe

It is that Baas B (39) recently in an interview with New Revue looked back on his relationship with Yolanthe Cabau (36), because otherwise we would have forgotten that the two were once a set. Boss B – real name: Bart Zeilstra – got to know Yolanthe during a period when he was not doing so well, which, according to him, was the immediate reason that the relationship did not last longer than six months. “During that period I also got to know someone I was very much in love with, which on the one hand was very beautiful, but at the same time I hung all my happiness on it. That was not very useful for the balance in the relationship.” After the breakup, things did not go well with the rapper. “When that also fell away, the gap was even bigger. I don’t know much about that time actually. In retrospect I should have started working with myself more actively, in the sense of talk to a psychiatrist about my problems. But I just put my mind to zero and kept going.”

Jan Smit and Ellemieke Vermolen

Jan Smit (35) has been happily married to his wife Liza for almost 10 years and before that he had a relationship with Yolanthe. But even before that, he was with presenter Ellemieke Vermolen (44) for a while. The two had a relationship for about two months in 2006, but had to break it off because they had too little time for each other due to busy schedules. Ellemieke said at the time that she was devastated. ‘Love makes blind. We just got into the hotel debotel and we’d see. So now we see that it didn’t work out between us. We both still see in the prime of our lives. We have to enjoy and then we’ll see what the future brings,” she said in a press release. Painfully enough, a lady came along for whom Jan Smit appeared to have enough time, namely Yolanthe Cabau. Ellemieke worked at Show news and had to announce the news during a broadcast.

Ron Brandsteder and Patty Brard

We go back a bit in time, to the 70s. In 1979 Ron Brandsteder (71) and Patty Brard (66) tied the knot. The marriage did not last very long, because after a year the two already separated. According to Patty, she came home a little earlier than planned one day and found Ron in bed with another woman. Patty was so angry she threw a rock through the window. Incidentally, she herself was not very surprised that the marriage ended so quickly. “On our wedding day, I already knew I was making a mistake. We’ve been too impulsive!” She quickly took her wedding dress out the door. “I no longer attached any emotional value to it. Fong Leng was one of the top couturiers in our country, and the prices of her creations were not childish. But the wedding dress ended up in the garbage!” she once said.

Kim Kötter and Mark van Eeuwen

We still know actor Mark van Eeuwen (44) from Good times Bad Times, where he took on the role of Jack van Houten. Today he mainly works behind the scenes, but in 2011 he was in the spotlight when he started a relationship with model and former Miss Universe Netherlands Kim Kötter (38 years). The two broke up after a few months, because according to Mark they were both very fond of their single existence. “We both just got out of a relationship and we also like being single,” he said at the time.

Loretta Schrijver and Jeroen Pauw

Two people you might not have expected to meet so soon are Loretta Schrijver (65 years) and Jeroen Pauw (60 years). The two started their career as very young presenters of the news and fell in love with each other. “Jeroen and I had a relationship when we worked at RNW, we were thirty. I just thought I had done it and was gone. We met again at RTL Nieuws. I was unhappy that it was over. , but at least I still had something from him,” said Loretta.

Jeroen said a while ago that he is having a very difficult time with the corona measures:

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