Dissolution of Vitalité's Board of Directors: Égalité santé en français goes to court

Dissolution of the C. A. de Vitalité : Égalité santé en françaisçais takes the route of the courts

Dr. William Laplante, lawyer Bruno Gélina-Faucher and Dr. Hubert Dupuis at a press conference in Moncton on Friday

In New Brunswick, the group Égalité santé en français launches a cry of alarm and announces that it has filed a motion for judicial review against the decision to dismiss the board of directors of the Vitalité Health Network.

Let's be clear, the decision of July 15, 2022 violates our rights as a Francophone and Acadian linguistic community. We demand that the rights of our community be respected, says Dr. Hubert Dupuis, president of Égalité santé en français.

On July 15, Blaine Higgs announced the revocation of the boards of directors of the French-language health network Vitalité and the English-language health network Horizon. He also removed the Minister of Health, Dorothy Shephard, to replace her with Minister Bruce Fitch.

Lawyer Ronald Caza is one of the lawyers on file in this motion for judicial review (on file).

One of the lawyers in the file, Me Ronald Caza, specifies that this motion filed in the Court of Queen's Bench in Moncton requests a declaration that the decision of July 15, 2022 dismissing Vitalité's board of directors and appointing a official to replace him, an unelected individual, as trustee is improper and unreasonable.

To justify this assertion, the lawyer specifies that the decision violates the language rights of the Francophone and Acadian community of New Brunswick guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and recognizing the equality of the two linguistic communities, which it does not account of the protection of minorities and that it is not in the public interest.

The lawyer adds that Égalité santé en français will ask the court for an order to annulment of the decision revoking the C.A. of Vitalité and an order reinstating it.

The petitioners' objective is to obtain a hearing date before the court as soon as possible in order to put an end to the irreparable harm caused by this flagrant violation by the government of its constitutional obligations, the most important and most principles of any government, says Maître Caza.

Égalité santé en français has already started a lawsuit against the government in 2017, a lawsuit that has still not been settled.

This seeks to recognize, for Francophones, the right to exclusive management of the Vitalité Health Network and to equality of services between the Francophone and Anglophone networks.

Me Bruno Gélinas-Faucher, lawyer and professor at the Faculty of Law of the Université de Moncton< /p>

Me Bruno Gélinas-Faucher, professor at the Faculty of Law of the Université de Moncton and lawyer in the file of the legal motion, specifies that the lawsuit of 2017 continues.

He explains that the motion filed on Monday is based on the same constitutional principles, but specifically attacks the decision revoking the Board of Directors of Vitalité.

Maître Caza is of the opinion that the file concerning the revocation of the C. A. of Vitalité will not take as long to end up in court, because a motion for judicial review is the way to proceed which is fastest under legal proceedings. He hopes that a date will be set in the coming weeks by the Court of Queen's Bench.

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