Document on another country's nuclear capabilities found at Trump's home

Document on another country’s nuclear capabilities found at Trump

Former US President Donald Trump's residence at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida

A document outlining the defense capabilities of a foreign government, including its nuclear capabilities, was discovered by agents of the FBI, the US federal police, during the search of the home of the former President Donald Trump last month.

According to information reported by the Washington Post, which relies on sources familiar with the matter , this discovery reinforces the fears of American intelligence experts about the secret documents which were in the Florida residence of Mr. Trump.

Some documents found on the spot mention top-secret American operations so delicate that several senior national security officials are unaware of them.

Only the president, certain members of his cabinet or officials of similar importance could authorize other members of the government to learn about these restricted programs, again according to the sources cited by the Post.

Access to documents relating to these very special operations requires specific authorization based on the need to know this information, and not only by having a top secret authorization.

This year, counting a first visit to Florida, then the search last month, the FBI has recovered more than 300 classified documents; 184 contained in 15 boxes sent to National Archives in January; 38 more turned over by a lawyer for Mr. Trump to investigators, and more than 100 additional documents during the search conducted on August 8, pursuant to a court warrant.

Judge Aileen Cannon, appointed by Donald Trump, acceded to his request on Monday by authorizing the appointment of an independent expert, who will have the mandate to review the documents seized by the FBI.

Investigators may, however, continue to review documents for classification and national security assessment purposes, according to the federal magistrate's ruling .

The decision represents a victory for the former Republican president and a serious setback for the Justice Department, which opposed the nomination of an independent third party, claiming it could block investigators' access to documents and would severely harm government interests. government, including national security.

With information from Agence France-Presse

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