Dominique Anglade invites victims to file a complaint against Win Butler

Dominique Anglade invites victims to file a complaint against Win Butler

Régine Chassagne and Win Butler at an Arcade Fire show in California in August 2014

In the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct against Win Butler, the frontman of Montreal band Arcade Fire, Quebec Liberal Party leader Dominique Anglade, urges victims to file formal complaints.

Asked to comment on the allegations made against the 42-year-old singer and musician, Ms Anglade said she was extremely disturbed by the testimonies reported in an investigation by the American magazine Pitchfork.

She called the revelations serious allegations and called on those affected to file complaints.

In any situation like that, I've always said, “Victims need to be able to express themselves, to be able to denounce and file a complaint”, so that doesn't change my perspective, declared the Liberal leader at a press briefing on Wednesday morning.

Dominique Anglade

Relaunched on the issue, she repeated that the allegations must be verbalized and that complaints must be filed.

Dominique Anglade is a childhood friend of musician Régine Chassagne, who is a founding member of Arcade Fire and the wife of Win Butler.

Together, Dominique Anglade and Régine Chassagne created the KANPE Foundation, which comes aid to the rural populations of Haiti. More recently, Ms. Chassagne authored the preface to Ms. Anglade's biography, published last year.

A Pitchfork investigation released last weekend uncovered testimonies from four alleged victims claiming to have suffered sexual harassment and unwanted touching at the hands of Win Butler .

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The victims – identified as three women and one non-binary person, aged between 18 and 23 at the time of the alleged events – described relationships where the artist allegedly used his position of authority over them.

They also reported repeated and insistent messages, inappropriate photos and unwanted sexual advances.

In their response to allegations, Mr. Butler tried to explain his behaviors by various factors, including his drinking and depression. He also pleaded that the sex was consensual and suggested that he and his wife had, in the past, practiced an unconventional form of marriage.

The CBC Music Channel announced on Monday that it will no longer play Arcade Fire songs on its shows. Other radio stations in Canada have followed suit.

The band kicked off their world tour on Tuesday with a show in Dublin. The Canadian leg of the tour will begin in late November, including a concert at the Bell Center in Montreal, scheduled for December 3.

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