Donald Trump and Melania: Last symbolic Christmas portrait … in matching outfits!

A few weeks before the inauguration of Joe Biden, Donald and Melania Trump posed for the last time on the steps of the White House. Matching and (roughly) accomplice, the couple unveiled their New Year’s greetings card.
After William and Kate Middleton, or the royal family of Spain, it is Donald and Melania Trump’s turn to unveil their greeting card. Their traditional Christmas snapshot was unveiled on December 19, 2020 on Instagram. Matching, the President of the United States and his First Lady have both posed in a tuxedo, on the landing of the White House … ready for departure?

All smiles, hand in pocket, Melania Trump bet on a masculine-feminine look by wearing a Dior set and black patent pumps. For his part, Donald opted for a black bow tie and a silk belt, traditional accessories of the tuxedo. ” Merry Christmas from President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, ” subscribers to the First Lady’s Instagram account, nicknamed FLOTUS, were able to read this weekend. This is the last greeting card for the Trump couple, who will give way to Democrat Joe Biden on January 20, during the handover between the outgoing president and the president-elect last November.

Following their departure, Donald and Melania are reportedly planning to move to Florida, near Palm Beach, where the Mar-a-Lago club the president is so fond of is located. However, according to information released by The Guardian , their move could prove to be very difficult due to an agreement signed in 1993 by Donald Trump with the local government in Palm Beach. At the time, the 45th President of the United States changed the legal status of this place into a lucrative establishment …

In return, he had undertaken not to live more than three non-consecutive weeks per year on this place. Beyond that, the residence would be considered as a hotel and no longer as a private club. Having been made aware of Donald Trump’s desire to settle in Mar-a-Lago, real estate lawyer Reginald Stambaugh sent a letter to the city of Palm Beach and the US secret service recalling that ” Mar-a-Lago is a social club, and no one can reside on the property “: ” Palm Beach has many residences for sale, he can certainly find one that meets his needs . ” For her part, Melania Trump is worried about finding a new school for their 14-year-old son Barron .

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