Dounia Coesens as a couple: who is Tom, her mysterious companion?

The viewers will find Dounia Coesens with joy, on Tuesday December 8, 2020, in “The bridge of the forgotten” broadcast on France 2. The ideal opportunity to take stock of the sentimental situation of the actress …
With it, you have to be content with a few tasty details.

According to the precepts of Dounia Coesens , to live happily, it is better to live in hiding! This is why she agrees to evoke her happiness on very rare occasions without revealing the face of her companion: a certain Tom, professional musician , with whom she united in 2019 in the eyes of the law. No wedding or white dress on the horizon, but an official paper, all the same, which proves that they love each other and will love each other over the long term.

“In January, Tom offered to give me a pacser, explained the actress in the columns of the magazine Télé 7 Jours . He gave me a magnificent ring in yellow and turquoise gold . It never leaves me.” The only downside: lovers have very busy schedules and often geolocated in different places. ” He’s me, we’re often on the road, each on our side ” she regretted. But sometimes the distance is good. Their story seems to be still relevant today … although Dounia Coesens never shares a photograph that she poses with Tom. The ring that unites their union is still in place.

Perhaps she has learned the lessons of the past. There was a time when the heroine of the series Plus belle la vie did not hesitate for a second to show her love, to shout it on everyone’s ears. This period is that of his romance with the great sportsman Arnaud Assoumani , who closely followed his break with Joffrey Platel. In 2017, when the athlete received a silver medal for his fantastic prowess in the long jump at the World Para Athletics in London , Dounia Coesens did not hesitate for a second to congratulate him publicly on social networks, declaring his love for him. with pride. Clichés that have since disappeared, along with his desire to display his private life on his Instagram account …

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