“DPR” women complained to Pushilin that their military men were publicly raped by Kadyrov's men | A PHOTO

Women of the

Women who identified themselves as wives and mothers of militants of the terrorist “DNR” stated that their relatives were subjected to sexual violence by mercenaries from Chechnya. The corresponding appeal addressed to the leader «DNR» Denis Pushilin published in the anonymous Telegram channel «Batman DPR».

The appeal says that the victims of violence were two militants of the 1st Army Corps of the so-called “People's Militia of the DPR”, mobilized in the city of Dokuchaevsk. The names of these soldiers are hidden.

Women claim that an unprecedented incident occurred near the village of Berestovo «».

“Two servicemen of the “People’s Militia of the DPR”… who were mobilized from Dokuchaevsk and worked in the city administration before being mobilized, were raped by Chechens in front of their colleagues. Colleagues who wanted to protect our guys were threatened with weapons and promised to shoot them “like dogs”, — the letter says.

The women also said that the military command of the occupiers does not want to confront Ramzan Kadyrov's subordinates and is trying to hide the incident.

The appeal is dated September 23. It was signed by nine people. The authorities of Chechnya or the self-proclaimed «DNR» it was not commented on.

Women of the

  • The Russian Federation is recruiting citizens of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan for the war. Young people are kidnapped in Chechnya.

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