Drugs and a switchblade in Sondrio: the police operation

Drugs and a switchblade in Sondrio: the police operation

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On the afternoon of Wednesday 14 April, during the regular general prevention activity in the Sondrio area, intensified for anti-covid checks, two state police officers noticed a group of young suspects wandering through the streets of the “La Piastra” neighborhood. “. While two boys, already known to the police, quickly moved away, the two remained were identified and a switchblade with a total length of 19.5 centimeters was withdrawn from one of them.

Considering the context and the specific precedents of the arrested subjects, the operators of the flying squad carried out a careful check of the surrounding environment, also finding an envelope containing narcotic substance, specifically 32.24 grams of heroin and hashish. The two boys still present reported seeing one of the subjects who left throwing something during the escape. For these reasons, the knife and the drug were seized and the documents were sent to the competent judicial authorities.

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