Duda said that nothing could be done to prevent the invasion of the Russian Federation

Duda stated that nothing could be done to prevent the Russian invasion

Polish President Andrzej Duda believes that it was impossible to prevent Russia's attack on Ukraine in February 2022. He said this in an interview with TV presenter Natalya Mosiychuk.

«I'm afraid that nothing could be done. In any case, nothing could be done at the very moment when this war was actually supposed to begin. The Russians have been accumulating military units for a long time. We had information that the number of military exceeded 150 thousand and was slowly approaching 200 thousand, concentrated around the borders of Ukraine. We expected some form of aggression to happen, and we received reports indicating that the Russian Federation intends to carry out a full-scale aggression, that there will be an attempt to occupy all of Ukraine,” Duda said.

< p>The Polish President added that European leaders were talking to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in order to prevent a full-scale war, but it was clear that Russian aggression was inevitable.


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