During the 15 days of the counter-offensive of Ukraine, the Russian Federation lost 300 pieces of equipment: infographic

In 15 days of Ukraine's counteroffensive, Russia lost 300 vehicles: infographic

During the 15 days of the counteroffensive, the Defense Forces of Ukraine captured 300 pieces of equipment of the Russian invaders. The UA War Infographics telegram channel writes about this.

UA War Infographics created an infographic based on data from the Oryx international research group, which calculates based on publicly available photos and videos.

< p>Thus, as of September 13, the Russian Federation has lost:

  • armored fighting vehicles — 134,
  • tanks — 49,
  • automotive — 50,
  • artillery systems — 28,
  • special equipment — 17,
  • MLRS — 11,
  • drones — 6,
  • air defenses — 5.

For 15 days of counter-offensive of Ukraine RF lost 300 vehicles: infographic

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